Karl Leisner

Karl Leisner (* 28. February 1915 in Rees; † 12. August 1945 in Planegg) is a martyr of the catholic church, which by aftereffects of the KZ - treatment deceased. It is considered as first blessed kath. Beautiful place movement of P. Josef Kentenich.

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Leisner was born in Rees and there in the parish church pc. Maria Ascension Day baptized. It pulled in the sixth Lebensjahr with its family after Kleve. Here it wentthe school and 1934 made its Abitur. It studied theology in Münster and developed groups of young people forbidden there, with which it drove secretly into the Beneluxstaaten, in order to organize there free camps. Still 1934 appointed it bishop von Galen the Diözesan Jungscharführer. With the realm work service it organizedMeasuring attendance for itself and other workers, the Gestapo scanned his dwelling and his documents.

To 25. March 1939 it was geweiht from of Galen to the deacon. During a welfare cure in pc. Blasien became Leisner then to 9. November because of its Hitler - criticism of the Gestapoarrested. He came into the KZ Saxonia living. To 14. December 1941 it in-supplied to the KZ DAK-strike ( in the minister block most religious prisoners were arrested this KZ). There the Jesuitenpater Otto Pies was its religious companion, that promoted also its secret Priesterweihe considerably. To 17. December 1944 weihte French bishop Gabriel Piquet the young man to the priest, after had in-smuggled the Josefa Mack the necessary liturgical articles acting under the pseudonym Mädi into the KZ. Leisner was the only one, which ever received the Priesterweihe in a KZ.Its Primizfeier to 26. December 1944 remained the only holy fair, which celebrated Leisner as a priest. As the camp to 29. April 1945 was released, was Karl Leisner so ill that it was in-supplied to sanatorium Planegg to the Tuberkulose - with Munich. Few months later he deceasedat the consequences of its illness. Its grave is in the crypt of the Xantener of cathedral.

Karl Leisner became to 23. June 1996 by Pope Johannes Paul II. in Berlin blessedly. Its anniversary is at its day of death, that 12. August.

Leisnerand beautiful place

Karl Leisner had learned to know as a young person beautiful place and belonged during its theology study of a group of beautiful place , among which also the later bishop von Münster, ranked Heinrich Tenhumberg. Time of its life remained for Karl Leisner the few, but intensive times of the personal meetingwith the God nut/mother in the Urheiligtum crucial milestones on its appointment way. Christ, my passion - led of this ideal, he worked in the diözesanen youth work and fought themselves by to its decision to the zölibatären life as a priest.


  • international Karl Leisner circle registered association.Kleve (IKLK), water way 1, 47533 Kleve, Tel. 02821-92595 - Fax 02821-980331


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