Karl Lieffen

Karl Lieffen (* 17. May 1926 in Ossek; † 13. January 1999 in star mountain; actually Karel Frantisek Lifka) was a German stage, film and a television actor.

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the son of a mountain man came with twelve years due to a music scholarship to Braunschweig, where it took also play instruction. After war shank it debutierte 1946 as a theatre actor in Freiburg in mash gau. Commitments in Wiesbaden, Munich and Frankfurt followed. It played theatres among directorslike Bertolt break, Fritz Kortner and Hans Schweikart. Starting from 1975 it belonged to the ensemble of the Bavarian state State of Munich. Country wide popularity attained Lieffen the appointed the Bavarian state actor by its numerous appearances in film and television, thus in the title part of the Comic filming nods rattling clay/toneAdventure (1958), as Chauffeur in Billy Wilders unity, two, three (1961), as a supervisor Janot in Jürgen of Roland TV-Ratekrimi the author on the trace (1967-73) or as a father in the Kempowski - filming of perfect ones & Wolff (1975). The charismatische Glatzkopf played over two hundred film and television roles andguest often was in crime film and maintenance series. 1994 it played its last TV-Hauptrolle in the cheerful crime film series of Lutz & Hardy with Hans Korte as partner. Already 1974 publish it its memories which break in you, Lieffen. Lieffen died 1999 at a brain tumor in star mountain.


of films (selection)

television (selection)

  • 1961 - the transmission of the Lysistrata also Romy cutter
  • 1965 - the cat in the bag
  • 1968 - 1973 the author on the trace (TV-series; Main role)
  • of 1971 - scene: Frankfurt gold with Hans's Christian sheet metal
  • 1973 - the red scarf with inches Schwiers
  • 1975 - perfect one & Wolff (television film after the novel ofWalter Kempowski) with Edda Seippel
  • 1976 - Zwickelbach & cost. (TV-series; Main role)
  • of 1978 - a strange giving
  • 1981 - the forest with Maria Schell
  • 1986 - lock gentlemen (TV-series; Main role) with Willy Harlander
  • 1988 - and was Remembrance
  • 1991 - Rothenbaumchaussee
  • 1993 - my man is my hobby
  • 1993 - not of bad parents (TV-series; regular role as a latin teacher Dr. Reckensihl) with Sabine Postel
  • 1994 - Lutz & Hardy (TV-series; Synchronisation as synchronous speakers it borrowed
main role) with


Korte [ work on] and others Michael Bates (Clockwork orange) and Christian marine (the gendarme of Saint Tropez) his voice.

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