Karl Mueller (CDU)

Karl Mueller (* 29. July 1884 in Süchteln; † 18. April 1964 in Bonn) was a German politician (center, CDU).

a party

in the Weimar Republic belonged Mueller the CENTER on, after 1945 he took part in the structure of the CDU.


Mueller was selected 1947 into the first federal state parliament by North Rhine-Westphalia, to which it belonged until 1950. 1947 /48 it was also member of the zone adviser of the British zone of occupation. It belonged to the German Bundestag since its first choice 1949 to 1957 . It represented the constituency Geilenkirchen - Erkelenz - Jülich in the parliament. Of 12. October 1950 to 1953 was it deputy chairmen of the committee of the Bundestag for nutrition, agriculture and forests. 1953 to 1957 he was a chairman of the working group for economics and agriculture questions of the CDU/CSU - parliamentary group.

public offices

of 22. up to 25. November 1922 was a Mueller briefly realm nourishing Ministers in the cabinet Cuno.


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