Karl man victory course

Karl man George victory course (* 3. December 1886 in Örebro, Sweden; † 26. September 1978) was a Swedish physicist and Nobelpreisträger.

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man victory course became at the 3. December 1886 as a son of the station chief of the Swedish railway in Örebro of Nile Reinhold George victory course and its Mrs. Emma Sofia Mathilda (geb. Zetterberg) born. It went 1906 to the University of Lund and locked its study 1911 with the doctor title over magnetic field survey . After he had already worked from 1907 to 1911 as an assistant of professor Johannes Rydberg, he became after its graduation lecturer and 1915 Assistenzprofessor. After death Rydbergs 1919 he was appointed the professor and took over its chair. 1923 changed victory course to the University of Uppsala and for 1937 the research professor of the royally Swedish Academy of Sciences were appointed. Between 1938 and 1947 he was a president that internationally union OF pure one and Applied Physics (IUPAP).

Man victory course 1914 Karin Högbom married and had two sons. Bo (* 1915) went to 1981 into the diplomatic service and was among other things an Ambassador in Morocco , dock ( * 1918), like his father physicist, with the Nobelpreis was likewise distinguished.


after victory course from 1908 to 1912 with problems of the electricity and the magnetism had concerned itself, turned it its interest in the future of the Roentgen spectroscopy . Its improvements in structure and methodology of the experiments led to a clear increase of the measuring accuracy and together with quantum mechanics developed at the same time to a complete understanding of the shell structure of the atoms. It seized its results in that 1923 appeared book spectroscopy of the X-ray together, a classical author of the scientific literature. It was distinguished 1924 with the Nobelpreis for physics “for its X-ray-spectroscopic discoveries and research”.

After its change to the academy it aligned its activities to nuclear physics and initiated the building of a cyclotron for the acceleration of deuterons, a high-energy unit, several new types of β-spectrometers and an electron microscope. With this equipment Institut took a prominent role in the study of the atomic nucleus and the radiation radioactive radiations.


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