Karl beautiful gentleman

Karl beautiful gentleman (* 24. February 1867 in Axams, Tirol, † 15. March 1943 in Vienna) was a physician and writer.

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everyday life scenarios rural after narrations humoristic put on in the world succeeded to it the break-through as a dramatist. Among its most successful pieces rank “faith and homeland” and “the woman devil”.

In Innsbruck and in Axams roads were designated after him. In the Karl beautiful gentleman road in Innsbruck the federal commercial academy and federal professional school are, in Axams carry the parish hauptschule of the western low mountain range the name Karl beautiful gentleman hauptschule.

honors and honours

of works

  • Inntaler Schnalzer. Poems, 1895
  • animal oilers Marterln. Poems, 1895
  • a great deal crosshead. Narrations, 1895
  • the Judas of Tirol. Drama, 1897
  • the Bildschnitzer. Drama, 1900
  • Caritas. Narration, 1905
  • Karrnerleut. Drama, 1905
  • family. Drama, 1905; under the title child tragedy, 1913
  • earth. Comedy of the life, 1907
  • faith and homeland. The tragedy of a people. Drama, Leipzig 1910
  • from my noticing book. Narration, 1911
  • the sunning turning day. Drama, Leipzig 1913
  • debit ledger. Narration, Leipzig of 1913
  • animal oilers farmer-varies. Narrations, 1913
  • the woman devil. Drama, 1914
  • people in emergency. Drama, 1916
  • Mrs. Suitner. Play in five documents, Leipzig 1917
  • the kingdom. People fairy tale in four documents. Leipzig 1917
  • fool play of the life. Drama, 1918
  • the fight. Drama, 1920
  • it. Play in five documents, Leipzig 1923
  • the hunger blockade. Drama, 1925
  • the arm doctor. Drama, 1927
  • the Spurius. 1927 doctor, you have to eat Austrian comedy
  • in three documents, Vienna?. Drama, 1930
  • passion play. Drama, 1933
  • the flag blows. Play in three documents, 1937


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