Karl victory mouth by Seckendorff

Karl victory mouth of Seckendorff (* 26. November 1744 in attaining; † 26. April 1785 in Ansbach) was a poet.

As a son of the markgräflich bayreuthischen Minister of Seckendorff, he stood until 1763 in Austrian, then in Prussian military services, 1775 became he chamber gentleman in Weimar where he the circle the duchess Amalia belonged. 1784 he was Prussian envoy with Frankish circles.


  • Superba, Singspiel (Weim. 1779)
  • The wheel of the fate, or the history of the Thoangesis (Dessau 1783)
  • Kalliste, tragedy (that. 1783),

and gave compositions of people and to other songs (Weim. 1779 to 1782, 3 collections) out.


see also: Baron von Seckendorff

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