Karl Skraup

Karl Skraup (* 31. July 1898 in Atzgersdorf ; † 2. October 1958 in Munich) was a Austrian folk actor. After it the Karl Skraup price was designated.


of the actors Karl Skraup belonged to the most popular folk actors of Austria of his time. In its honours 1968 the Karl Skraup price for unusual Austrian theatre actors was created.

First Skraup Bühneninspizent was, it lasted however not for a long time, until he could prove its schauspielerisches talent. Its career began 1924 at the Viennese folk theatre, it followed commitments in Basel, Brünn and Strasbourg.

Starting from 1935 it was constant member of the ensemble of the Viennese of folk theatre, owing to its versatility embodied it not only amusing, but also serious roles with large success.

Starting from the 1930er years Karl Skraup arose also in many motion picture films.

Filmographie (excerpt)

  • 1934: A star falls from the sky
  • 1935: Dance music
  • 1936: Premiere
  • 1937: Music for you
  • 1938: Mirror of the life
  • 1939: Unsterblicher tome
  • 1942: Violanta
  • 1944: Music in Salzburg
  • 1947: Singing angels
  • 1949: Dear sample
  • 1950: Child of the Danube
  • 1953: Sea-stars
  • 1954: Low country
  • 1956: Gasparone
  • 1957: The holy one and its fool
  • 1958: The shepherd of Trutzberg

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