Karl Theodor (Pfalz)

Karl IV. Philipp Theodor, (* 11. December 1724 with Brussels on lock drug shrubs; † 16. February 1799 on lock Nymphenburg with Munich) was cure prince of the Pfalz 1743-1777/1799 and 1777-1799 of Bavaria.

Kurfürst Karl Theodor
Cure prince Karl Theodor

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cure prince of the Pfalz

its parents were Pfalzgraf Johann Christian von Sulzbach and Maria Anna Henriette de la route d'Auvergne. By early deathits uncle and its father became Karl Theodor of his predecessor and large uncle Karl Philipp III. already at the age of 10 years from Jesuiten to the cure prince educated.

It carried out numerous reforms in the spirit of the clearing-up and worked as Mäzen. 1742 he married his cousin Elizabeth Augusts, oldest granddaughter of the cure prince Karl Philipp III.. During this marriage only one child, a son named Franz Ludwig Joseph, saw the life. The long desired master owner died however for the large confusion of parents one day after its birth to 29. June1762. Despite the childlessness to his wife and the numerous Mätressen offended Karl Theodor its wife not and went only to its death in the year 1794 a further marriage with ore duchess Maria Leopoldine von Austria Este one, which should become however the most unfortunate section of its life.

Cure princeKarl Theodor of the Pfalz (paintings of Felix Anton Besold 1744)

in the year 1763 it created the Mannheimer Academy of Sciences and in Duesseldorf the Collegium Anatomico Chirurgicum. Under its government the kurpfälzische Residenzstadt Mannheim could develop to a cultural center with European meaning. Mannheimand pulled the close summer residence Schwetzingen numerous artists, poet and philosopher (and. A. Mozart and Voltaire) on. So Karl Theodor influence on the political and culture-historical development could take in Germany. It left among other things in the Mannheimer put on lock a copper pass and a design cabinet, from thatlater the national graphic collection Munich developed.

cure prince by Bavaria

as 1777 the cure prince max III. Joseph of Bavaria died, began Karl Theodor its follow-up and shifted his residence from Mannheim to Munich. Without success he tried Bavaria against thoseTo exchange the Austrian Netherlands, which made it unpopular with the population. In the Bavarian succession war it lost 1779 the Innviertel at Austria. Differently than in the Pfalz was very unpopular Karl Theodor therefore in Bavaria. Its government was important in Bavaria nevertheless. Since 1785 reformed Count Rumford the commonwealth. Karl Theodor received Pope Pius VI. in Munich and the Illuminaten pursued.

On its initiative garden developed in Munich among other things also the English. Of its names today still the municipality Karl field reminds, the old bridge in Heidelberg, as well as the official name of the Stachus: Karl place, a name, which is traditionally hardly used however by the residents of Munich because of the unpopularity of the cure prince. Karl Theodor is nevertheless honour citizen of the city Munich.


conjugal one descendant

1. Beforewith princess Elisabeth Augusts von Pfalz Sulzbach in the year 1742

  1. Franz Ludwig Joseph of Pfalz Sulzbach, Pfalzgraf of the Pfalz * 28. June 1762 in Schwetzingen; † 29. June 1762 in Schwetzingen

2. Before with ore duchess Maria Leopoldine von Austria Este in the year 1795

Illegitimate descendants

3. Connection with Francoise Despres Verneuil:

  1. Karoline Franziska Dorothea, countess of Parkstein * 1762

4. Connection with Josefa Seyfert

  1. Karoline Josepha of Bretzenheim * 27. January 1768
  2. Karl August, Fürst von Heideck and of Bretzenheim * 24. December 1769
  3. Eleonore of Bretzenheim * November 1770
  4. Friederike of Bretzenheim * 9. December 1771

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