Karl VI. (HRR)

Karl VI.

Karl VI. (* 1. October 1685 in Vienna; † 20. October 1740 ebd.) was emperor of the holy Roman realm of German nation, as a Karl III. King of Hungary and as a Karl II. King of Böhmen.

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it was the son of Leopold I. from the aristocracy house having castle and Eleonore of Pfalz Neuburg, as well asthe brother of Joseph I..


Karl VI., pass of Martin angel-break, around 1745

Karl VI. III. was as a Karl. designate king of Spain. There its brother Joseph I.but died surprisingly without male descendants,Austria and Spain in a hand would have been. Since this was too much European powers, its allied ones in the Spanish succession war left him and it had to do without the Spanish crown, whereby it could hold Barcelona still another one year. 1711 becameit emperors of the holy Roman realm of German nation.

high points

under its government have-castle-reaches its largest expansion (peace of passport aero joke) reached. Into its era also a high point of the art of the baroque falls and therebyone of the cultural high points of Austria at all. As its father the emperor was artistically versatile talented and promoted this cultural upswing.

pragmatic sanction

in the pragmatic sanction of 1713, issued by it, was the female succession howalso the indivisibility of the habsburgischen countries intended. There Karl VI. male descendant Leopold 1716 as a baby deceased, occurred this case already after its death. With the penetration of this politics should it into the 1720er and 30's its more closelyTrusted friends, Johann Christof baron von Bartenstein, with diplomatic fate to the side stand.


Portrait of the ore duchess Maria Anna, the secondaryoldest daughter of Karl VI.

It was since 1708 with Elizabeth Christine, the daughter of the duke LudwigRudolf married of Braunschweig Wolfenbüttel, their children were

With Karl VI. the house having castle in the man trunk expired.

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