Karl VII. (France)

Karl VII. the victorious one (* 22. February 1403 in Paris; † 22. July 1461 in Mehun sur Yèvre) was of 1422 - 1461 king of France.


Jean Fouquet: Karl VIITH, around 1444-1451

Karl VII. was thatfifth son of Karl VI. by France and its wife Isabella of Bavaria.

He became after the death of its older brothers 1417 Dauphin and regent, but and took in Bourges its drove 1418 out of the Bourguignons (a party of the dukes of Burgund) from ParisResidence. There it supports itself particularly by the trailers of the house Orleans and Armagnac as it however by causing Duchâtels Johann the Unerschrockenen of Burgund by the Yonne - bridges to Montereau to 10. September 1419 had let all burgundischen countries behind cunning murder , fell, completelyNorth France, which Englishmen too, on whose side also Karl's own nut/mother Isabeau stepped. King Heinrich V. Karl let explain by that Paris parliaments for the throne merrily (1421), and after Heinrichs and Karl's VI. Death (1422) became the only one year's son Heinrich VI.the hereditary requirement to the French throne transfer.

Struck with Crevant (1423) and with Verneuil (1424) completely, the army of the “Dauphins” Karl by the allied Englishmen and Burgunder was driven behind the Loire, so that one Karl the spottweise “king of Bourges”called. Carelessly Karl vertändelte to Chinon its time with sumptuous celebrations and numerous Mätressen. Only Orléans held the hero-courageous Dunois, and finally the virgin of Orléans provided Karl the victory and led him for 1429 into the coronation/culmination city Reims. Despite the lucky upswing of its thinghowever Karl sank immediately again in Tatenlosigkeit. An attempt against Paris ended with the retreat after Chinon. Meanwhile with Karl by certainly the contract of Arras, during the Englishmen, very victimful for it, by death Bedfords an irreplaceable loss reconciled itself 1435 Burgundone prepared. Since then with the rule of the Englishmen inexorably backwards, particularly since Karl arranges, by its loved Agnès Sorel , to more activity and eagerness was developed. In April 1436 Paris was removed from the Englishmen, and by October 1453 they were completely driven out from France.

Frankreich 1429 bis 1453
France1429 to 1453

in the meantime justified Karl by the pragmatic sanction of Bourges in the year 1438 the liberty of the gallikanischen church. Above all it arranged finances and the justice and provided after the end of the hundred-year of war for the internal peace. After the endthe hundred-year of war the mercenaries without earnings/services were and pulled as gangs of robbers the country. Karl steered this nuisance, by engaging parts of these mercenaries for a standing army. Others of these mercenary gangs were used in the conflicts in the German Reich and spread as so-called Armagnaken fearand frights.
In addition it restrained the pressure of the aristocracy by energetic regulations on the lower classes, which an open rebellion, which caused Praguerie so mentioned, which even the Dauphin Ludwig followed. The repeated indignation attempts of the same clouded the last days of the king, and thoseFear of poisoning practiced a destructive influence on spirit and body. Karl died 1461 to Melun sur Yèvre in Berry.


in April 1422 it ground itself with Maria von Anjou. They had the following children:

with its loved Agnès of many years Sorel it had 4 children

  • Charlotte de Valois (* 14341477) married with Jacques de Brézé
  • Marie Marguerite (* 14361473)
  • Jeanne (* 1439)
  • a daughter(* 14491450)

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