Karl VIII. (France)

Karl VIII. (* 30. June 1470 in Amboise; † 7. April 1498 in Amboise) was king of France from 1483 to 1498.


Karl VIII. of France

Karl VIII. became as a third son of Ludwig XI. of France and its wife Charlotte of Savoyen born.

It mounted the throne after the death of its father 1483 with only 13 years, on which immediately a violent controversy between his sister Anna von Beaujeu and Ludwig von Orléans over guardianship and regency was inflamed. It became evenat the childlike age of 13 years with Margarete, daughter of the German king Maximilian I.married, however the marriage solved later. It stood first up to its 21. Lebensjahr under the guardianship of his sister Anne and their husband Pierre de Beaujeu. Affairs of statein this time by Guillaume Briçonnet were essentially completed.

To 6. December 1491 it grinds itself with Anna, the hereditary daughter of Brittany and daughter with pc. Aubin pleased duke Franz II., without worrying about the fact that these with Maximilian I. alreadywas associated. By its grinding with Anna of Brittany it acquired this country for the crown. As an inheritance of the rights of the Anjous to Neapel it undertook 1494 a war course to Italy, conquered also 1495 the Kingdom of Neapel, became however by the federation betweenthe Pope (Alexander VI.), the emperor, Ferdinand of Aragonien and. A. Italy drove out.

From the marriage with Anna of Brittany with Karl VIII. the following children came out:

only 27 years old, he died to 7. April 1498. With it the older trunk of the Valois expired. Its successor was Ludwig XII., Great-grandchildren of Karl V..

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