Karl joke gene stone

Karl joke gene stone (* 8. April 1847 in Gohlis (today Leipzig); † 20. January 1913 in Vienna) was an entrepreneur.


the grandfather Karl of joke gene stone, the estate manager Moses Meyer, originated from the city Laasphe in the former county joke gene stone. It pulled 1802 ago after basket oh, where it operated a Wollgrosshandel.

Due to the napoleonische effort of the equality before the law became among other things for all Jews in the Kingdom of Westphalen 1808 arranged to accept within three months a surname. Moses Meyer called itself after its place of birth Moses Meyer Wittgenstein.

The Wollgrosshandel of the Moses Meyer Wittgenstein became the largest enterprise in the city basket oh, later went it again downward. Moses had a son, Hermann Christian (* 12. September 1802 in basket oh; † 1878 in Vienna), which shifted and resumed the business there toward end of the 1830er years after Gohlis with Leipzig.

After Heinrich Christians crossing to the Protestant faith he married 1839 in Gohlis Fanny Figdor (* 7. April 1814 in cement lake; † 21. October 1890 in the Viennese district Hietzing). It originated from important Viennese a commercial family.

1847 came Karl as the sixth of eleven children of the Heinrich Christian joke gene stone into Gohlis to the world. Later the family drew three years after Vösendorf (district Mödling) in Austria, where its four youngest brothers and sisters came to the world.

The family pulled 1860 to Vienna, where the father in the dealing in real estate works. 1865 left Karl secretly its at home and looked for his luck in America, whereby he should have had only one violin as only possession thereby. There he made his money in bars as musician and a waiter. 1867 it returned with strengthened self-confident its.

In Vienna it studied at the technical university, in order to then find as technical draughtsmen and engineer its occupation. Its ascent began with the Teplitzer rolling mills in Böhmen, where it became 1877 director and few years late principal shareholder.

Karl married 1873 Leopoldine Kallmus (* 14. March 1850 in Vienna). They pulled for one year after Teplitz, afterwards into a mansion in the Viennese district Meidling. Their children were:

  • Hermine (* 1874 in Teplitz; † 1950), unmarried
  • Dora (* † 1876 in Vienna), deceased with the birth
  • Hans (* 1877 in Vienna; † 1902 in Chesapeake Bay, the USA vermutl. Suicide)
  • short (* 1878 in Vienna; † November 1918? Suicide)
  • Helene (* 1879 in Vienna; † 1956), marry with Dr. Max Salzer, ministerial officials
  • Rudolf (* 1881 in Vienna; † 1904 suicide)
  • Margherita/Margaret Anna Maria (* 19. September 1882 in Neuwaldegg; † 1958 in Vienna), 1904 marry Paul Wittgenstein with Jerome Stonborough, starting from
  • 1923 separated (* 11. May 1887 in Vienna; † 3. March 1961 in New York), pianist
  • Ludwig Josef Johann joke gene stone (* 26. April 1889 in Vienna; † 29. April 1951 in Cambridge), philosopher

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