Karl Heinz Essl senior

Karl Heinz Essl sen. (* 16. April 1939 in Hermagor, Kärnten) is a Austrian entrepreneur and art collecting tank.

He removed the trading venture of his father-in-law Fritz Schömer and created 1976 the building market chain build-max, which operates markets not only in Austria, but also in numerous east and Central European countries. The enterprise Schömer was sold in the meantime to its competitor Quester.

Its administration building in monastery new castle, it let which build 1985 after plans of Heinz Tesar, accommodated at that time its collection important of contemporary art, which it developed together with his Mrs. Agnes for the 1970er years. In the year 1999 it let its own museum in monastery new castle likewise establish for it from Heinz Tesar. With at present 5500 works the collection Essl is one of the largest private collections of the present art in Austria.

Karl Heinz Essl sen. father of the composer Karl Heinz is and of Martin, the chairman of the board that build-max AG.

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