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The word body comes from the French. The word body was already used with Kutschen. The term finds alsotoday still within the range of the automobile industry use.

Body one calls the structure of a motor vehicle. Therefore the body in the technical language also structure is called.

Independently of the body designs one differentiates in principle three kinds from bodies:

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not self-supporting body

the not self-supporting body, was the original kind of building passenger car. This design is today only usual for truck.

The not self-supporting body is put on on a framework or also a chassis.The entire load, which arises when driving, takes over the chassis. The body, originally also made of wood, forms only one outer skin as protection of the passengers or the goods, who are transported. Metallblech was used only later.

Bodies do not however only become from steel sheet, but also made of aluminum or plastic. Already Henry Ford experimented with plastics from hemp. For its Kunststoffkarosserie also the satellite was famous. Also sportier vehicles use a lattice tubing framework and take thereby restrictions in the interpretation in favor of smallest weight and highest firmness inPurchase and use a Kunststoffkarosserie, which also in the route car haven is usual.


a special form of the building of bodies represents the Kunststoffkarosserie. The first car with Kunststoffkarosserie, which was produced in series, was the Chevrolet Corvette. The satellite from the GDR possessed likewisea Kunststoffkarosserie from a phenolic resin - cotton plastic (thermosetting polymer) and was manufactured in mass production. Nowadays solar cars and energy savings cars with a Kunststoffkarosserie are often built, in order to reduce the weight. Plastic has the advantage not to corrode and can also of regenerating raw materials such as vegetable oil be made. ThatManufacture such a body is particularly for small and middle series suitable, since one can manufacture it also relating to crafts.

By the advancement in the sheet metal processing and by necessary weight reduction in the construction of vehicles [

work on] the self-supporting

body self-supporting

selbsttragende Karosserie
body developed

with this type of construction givesit no more chassis. All parts, which were fastened originally at the framework, are joined in this case directly to a body in shell construction. The rigidity becomes by the compact sheet metal skin and hollow sheet metal cross sections with as large a cross section as possible (e.g.Schweller) and thus resistive torque reaches. Numerous one Additionally Sicken increase the rigidity and the avoidance of natural oscillation frequencies (roar). The body is usually a welded part with integrated fastening spots for the individual parts, like doors, fender, side panels etc.

With difficulty the construction of a Cabriolets is, there in this case the body not roundis closed and therefore completely different reinforcements to be inserted must.

If one speaks today of the fact that after a traffic accident the chassis twisted, then that is actually wrong, because then rather parts of the body twisted. Primarily the crunch zone is twisted, overto protect the Fahrgastkabine.

The OPEL Olympia of 1935 was the first German Serienwagen with even basic all-steel body.

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skeleton body

the newest structure of body is based on a skeleton (and/or. Framework), which takes over the basic function. To this skeleton becomethe interior and outer parts of the body fastens, which have thereby no “basic” function more, but naturally work stabiliserend (e.g. in case of an accident; see also Crashtest). Thus can be used in the future new materials, parts and technologies in the building of bodies. In addition one promises oneselfthus weight reductions, new Design possibilities and technical improvements. An example of it represents so-called aluminum space Frame. A self-supporting frame structure is made of formed basic parts (e.g. Stampings or extruded sections), those over knot parts (with AUDI: Aluminum cast alloy) are connected. To it then the body outer skin parts becomeas well as doors and flaps fastens. For example the AUDI A8 and the AUDI a2 use that as well as BMW Z8. New concepts show the space Frame concept also from steel. Example: LG0 von ThyssenKrupp.

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