Würzburger Karzer um 1828
peppering citizen Karzer around 1828
Karzer in Goettingen
Karzer in Heidelberg: Wandmalereien document the student spirit of the time

- to in 19. Century also - the Karzer (v. lat.: more carcer = Umfriedung, dungeon) marked the universitäre detention cell, in which nonjudicial punishments had to be served.

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the special legal status of the students

to in 19. Century were not the members of universities citizens of the city, in which they lived, but were considered as “citizens” to the university. Offenses of the students were not sentenced therefore by the urban authorities, but of universitären committees and if it came to a condemnation, they moved also not in the city prison, but into the university-own Karzer. Only as the universities this privilege lost, became the Karzer a rather educational instrument - however shorter detentions imposed by national courts could still be abgebüsst in the Karzer.

„the educational “false imprisonment

still in 19. Century was permissible the appointment (detention completion ) of students by their university and of high school students by their school. Most German Universitätskarzer was dissolved in the years around 1910-1914. Karzerstrafe was certified at some universities still into the early 1930er years; only the Disziplinarvorschriften from the NS time did not plan officially and realm far Karzerhaft as punitive measure against studying. At schools the “Karzer” lives however still in the educational measure of the Nachsitzens away. The university and/or. Schulkarzer became in the university of the Pedellen, regionally also Profoss, and/or. from the Karzerwärter, in the High School of the Pedellen guards.

watering „the educating instrument “

during the Karzerstrafe the jurisdiction still another punishing instrument academic in the early period was, which as heavy interference was understood into the personal liberty of the students, particularly sank in the course 19. Century the respect for this mechanism rapidly. It was considered as honour thing to a student during its student time at least once a Karzerstrafe to have served. This event was then also committed being entitled, how the little besinnlichen winding, table and door painting to occupy, which are shown this very day as museale tourist attraction in the university towns. It was a component “code of ethics” between Pedellen and a-sitting that only in the act surprised ornaments of the Karzers were punished and eliminated, therefore lay the high art to divert when leaving the Karzers in such a way that the new ornaments were not noticed by the Pedellen, thereby remains it to future generations. On the other hand also the food supply of the a-sitting for their calculation was incumbent on the Pedellen and furnished thus substantial supplementary income.

Since the students in the Karzer had to usually board themselves and also were allowed to receive attendance, it was an easy to let „the punishment become “a social event with excessive consumption of alcohol which in sources 19. Century one reports always again.

still received Karzer in Germany

the still received Karzer in Germany is culture thinking marks and stands all under monument protection. In detail still Karzer in following (the former) university towns, which can be visited mostly, sometimes only after previous registration, are.

old village

former University of old village (in old village with Nuremberg): The most well-known passenger of the Karzers was boiling stone during its study time in old village 1599/1600). Friedrich Schiller set a monument for this event (“boiling stone camp”, seventh appearance):

FIRST HUNTER: Yes, he began' s small and is now so large.
Because to old village in the student collar,
impulse it' s, with Permian-eat to say,
a little and purschikos,
would soon have killed its Famulus.
Drauf the Nürnberger Mr. Mir did not want
to close it nothing, you anything in the Karzer;
' s was just a newly built nest,
which are to baptize first inhabitants' it.
But how it begins' s? It lets
the Pudel run to Weislich in front only.
After the dog' s calls itself until this day;
A right chap to to be reflected likes.
Under the gentleman large acts
me the bit particularly pleased all. - The old villages Karzer bore the name dog hole.


receiving is the Karzer of the Friedrich Alexander university attaining Nuremberg in attaining from the time 1828 to 1897 in 2. Stick of the former water tower in the apple route 12, where in one the area also still the typical Wandmalereien are to be seen. Before the Karzer of the university from 1743 to 1745 was in the tower of the Sophienkirche in the main street 14, then in the attic of the old university building in the main street 18 (after its first passenger “Neumaiers castle” mentioned), finally up to the Unzug into the water tower 1828 in the attic of the Redoutenhauses. Starting from 1839 one uses the water tower present on the edge palace garden as Karzer. This got 1870 by clearing away the highest floors its current appearance. The Karzer was last starting from 1897 to 1913 in the Mansarde of the “old person Kollegienhauses” at the palace garden 3, today geological Institut, accommodated. 1913 created the University of the Karzerstrafe off.

free mountain

the historical detention area for students of the mountain academy free mountain in free mountain (Saxonia), to visit in the historical building academy road 6 is the only received Karzer at a German technical university and/or. Technical university. It became around the center 19. Century uses and documents with its numerous Wandmalereien and inscriptions student everyday life life of this time.

Literature: Albrecht, Helmuth; Foxhole, Norman; Judge, Siegfried: Gaudeamus igitur? Streiflichter from the Freiberger student life 1766 to 1990. To exhibition of the historical cabinet DO mountain academy free free of 20. October 1998 to 30. June 1999. Free mountain.


of the Karzer of the George August university Goettingen became in 19. Century because of the extension of the university library under the roof of the aula at the William place shifts, including a cell door of the old Karzers and the Graffito Bismarck which itself in the meantime however in Bismarck of last Göttinger student dwelling, present at, which Bismarck little house finds.

Into the 1820er years, when Heinrich Heine in Goettingen was, a Pedell was responsible named Brühbach for the enterprise of the Karzers, which enjoyed however obviously of no large respect on the part of the students. Thus Heine in its resin journey reports of the following occurence:

After I mean stomach had somewhat appeased, I noticed a gentleman with two ladies, those in the same landlord room in the term was to be left. This gentleman was dressed completely green, even carried green eyeglasses… The Green wished that I would like to recommend a hotel in Goettingen to him, and I guessed/advised him to inquire there from the first best student the hotel de Brühbach. ... Both ladies asked me at the same time: whether in the hotel de Brühbach also tidy people logierten. I affirmed it with good conscience, and as which holde clover sheet drove off, I greeted again to the window outside. The sun landlord smiled smart and might probably have known that the Karzer is called by the students in Goettingen hotel de Brühbach.
(Heinrich Heine, travel pictures, first part: The resin journey, 1824)

grab forest

seriousness Moritz Arndt university grab forest


Ruprecht Karl university Heidelberg

Mark of Twain reported in his travel description stroll by Europe also over the Heidelberger Karzer.


Friedrich Schiller university Jena


Philipps-Universität Marburg


Eberhard Karl university Tübingen

… and outside of Germany

Tartu (Dorpat)

Tartu Ülikool in Estonia: (Roomy) the Karzer, convenient in the attic of the university main building, was damaged by a fire into the 1960er years. The following restoration still at Soviet times does not have each destroyed “wall painting” and/or. each old inscription to save know. The Karzer can be visited.


the university of Latvia in Riga: From that come out the technical University of Riga Dorpat (Tartu) possessed 1862 created Rigaer polytechnic institute (with German instruction language) a Karzer after the model of German universities and the Baltic neighbour university, which is received as museum area nowadays and can be visited.


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