Kasia Kowalska

Kasia Kowalska (* 13. June 1973 in Warsaw, Poland) is a Polish singer, Songwriterin and an actress.

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Kasia Kowalska

your debut had it at the beginning of the 1990er years. Among other things it sang for volume like human ones, Fatum, Hetman, Piersi and Talking Pictures in. Their debut solo album „Gemini “brought it 1994 raus.

First concerts as a solo singer it gave right after to the publication of „Gemini “with a common route as well as Edyta Bartosiewicz.

1995 received it to the Grand Prix and the public price of the Sopot Songfestivals ´95 for the Song “A ton of CO mam”.

1996 participated Kasia as a third Polish singer in Eurovision the Song Contest in Oslo . It stepped with the song “Chcę znać swój grzech…” up and reached the 15. Place.

1997 had it their play debut in the film „Nocne Graffiti “(nocturnal Graffiti), in which it played the main role. It contributed Straciłem with its Song „swój rozsądek “also to the Titelsong.

In November 2002 Kasia gold for 35.000 sold copies received kept it a half year from „Antidotum “, already later to platinum for 70.000 sold copies. Before it already received “and „5 “to gold for „Gemini.

2003 participated Kasia in the project „Moja i Twoja muzyka “the Radiosenders RMF FM. With this project well-known Polish artists sang, internationally well-known Songs on Polish new in. Kasia made a Coverversion of the Roxette Songs „for lists tons of Your Heart “.

In May 2005 Kasia participated in a unity-live - radio concert in the bill customs union in meal , which was a part Tridem 2005, a French-German-Polish Kulturrallye.


  • Gemini (1994)
  • Koncert inaczej (1995)
  • Czekając well… (1996)
  • Pełna obaw (1998)
  • Pełnej Obaw (1999) (Reedition of Pełna obaw)
  • 5 (2000)
  • Antidotum (2002)
  • Samotna w wielkim mieście (2004)


  • the night and death (Nocne Graffiti) (1997)


  • 2001: Superjedynka in the category skirt plate
  • 2002: Internet music price 30TON of star 2001:
  • 2002: Polish singer of the yearly
  • 2002: Best Polish Videoklip 2001 for the video Starczy Słów
  • 2002: Best Polish artist Website for www.kasiakowalska.com.pl

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