of these articles is concerned with the large city Kassel in North Hesse, for the village in southeast Hessen sees Kassel (Biebergemünd).
Coat of arms map
Wappen Kassels Lage der kreisfreien Stadt Kassel in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Hessen
Regierungsbezirk: Kassel
district: Circle-free city
surface: 106.79 km ²
inhabitants: 192.185 (March 2006)
foreigner portion: 12.2% (January 2006)
population density: ~ 1,812 inhabitants for each km ²
unemployment ratio: 18.4% (March 2006)
height and. NN: 132.9 m (nördl. Fuldatal)
166 m (city center; Ø)
615 m (high grass; Ø)
Postal zip codes: 34001-34134 (old: 3500)
Preselection: 0561
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 51° 19 ' N, 09° 30 ' O
51° 19 ' N, 09° 30 ' O
Kfz characteristics: KS
municipality characteristic number: 06 6 11 000
city arrangement: 23 quarters
of the city administration:
Upper king road 8
34117 Kassel
official web page: www.stadt-kassel.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Bertram Hilgen (SPD)
governing parties: SPD

the university town Kassel (until 1926 officially Cassel) is the only large city in North Hesse and after Frankfurt/Main and Wiesbaden the third biggest city of the Land of the Federal Republic Hessen (Germany).

Kassel is the historical capital of Hessen and held from 1277 to 1866 capital functions. The city is today seat of the governmental district Kassel and the district Kassel. It forms one of the 9 upper centers of the country Hessen.

Internationally is Kassel, which lies to both banks of the Fulda , admits particularly by the mountain park William height with the Kasseler Wasserspielen in the Habichtswald and since 1955 the all 4 to5 years taking place art exhibition documenta; for this reason Kassel calls itself documenta city since March 1999.

Kassel number of inhabitants exceeded the 100.000-Grenze by the year 1899, whereby it became the large city; at present there is 193,500 (January 2006).

see also portal: Kassel

table of contents

coats of arms

Blasonierung: The coat of arms shows a silver diagonal right bar in blue. In the right upperhit a corner are 6 and 7 silver clover sheets diagonally left in the left Untereck posed. The city colors are white blue.

Description: The clover sheets as city characters are already since that 14. Century demonstrably as water-marks of paper. Also the diagonal bar, that in former times also as wave barsto see, already is since that 13 was. Century demonstrably and probably refers to the situation to the Fulda, with which one speaks of one „talking “coats of arms. Why straight 13 clover sheets are shown, cannot be occupied historically clearly, likewiselittle like the meaning of the clover sheets. Concerning this there are different opinions. So e.g. are. some experts of the opinion, the silver bar the Fulda and the six in upper and sieved clover sheets contained in the lower part of the coat of arms represents those symbolizesNumber of the councilmen on the respective sides of the river. Another Lesart, which Kasseler pupils learned in former times, means that the clover sheets symbolized Fischer houses on the left and on the right the Fulda. (Further information to the coat of arms)


Kassel lies geographically central and landschaftlich delightfully, but economically peripheral. Kassel is approx. 70 km northwest the geographical center from Germany. To Erfurt and Goettingen Kassel thereby is the most central convenient large city of Germany.

ThoseCity is not in North Hesse the close border to Lower Saxony in the Kasseler so mentioned basin, that in the geomorphologic sense a basin is separates itself a valley boiler expanded far, in in particular in the range the Karl and Fuldaaue an extensive River valley of the Fulda finds.

In this valley boiler becomes the city of the something removed long mountains in the southwest and the Habichtswald in the west (in each case a component of the nature park Habichtswald) as well as of the southern Ausläufern of the pure hard forest in the northeast, that Kaufunger forest (some of the nature park Meissner Kaufunger forest) framed in the east and the Söhre into the southeast and the south. These five low mountain ranges are connected by some elevator backs, so that the Kasseler valley boiler - apart from the river valley of the Fulda, thatthese from south to north cuts through - all around by mountain courses is orbited. On the city the medium-sized town Baunatal , the town Vellmar as well as the municipalities sneezing valley , Fuldatal , Fuldabrück , purchases and Lohfelden border .

Kassel is traffic-moderately overalso three motorways - the A7, A44 and A49, five federal highways, by some railway - highway circuits (under it also ICE - distances) and few kilometers removed airport Kassel Calden not only tied up to the German infrastructure (see in addition here).

The next Großstädte sind - PER Luftlinie/Straße gemessen - Hannover (CA 120/164 km north) and Goettingen (approx. 40/55 km northeast) in Lower Saxony, Erfurt (approx. 115/185 km east) in Thuringia, Frankfurt/Main (approx. 150/193 km south) in Hessen as well as victories (approx. 115/165 km southwest), Dortmund (approx. 145/165 km west) and Paderborn (approx. 70/84 km northwest from Kassel) in North Rhine-Westphalia.


typical architectural style and of the 60's 50's: The 2005 sheath man place arranged new.
The remaindersthe former garrison church in the Kasseler city center.

The picture of the Kasseler city center, in due to the reconstruction concept after the destruction by British bomb attacks during 2. World war only few historical buildings are received (see in addition history), are throughtypical 50's-year architecture coined/shaped. Contrary to many other cities one decided in Kassel to try the reconstruction wide after at that time contemporary conceptions to flat and no reconstruction of the old townscape. The remnants of many historical buildings were torn off. The organizationoriented yourself at the fundamentals of the garden city, above all four or fünfstöckige houses were built. Beyond that the city was optimized on the one hand into the town centre for the motor traffic, on the other hand the first pedestrian precinct of the Federal Republic was put on. At the latest into that1970er years was not sufficient the capacity of the road system, in order to master the fast growing vehicle arising. Today this radical break with the historical building method is disputed in Kassel.

In the contrast to the often closely cultivated boroughs Kassel saves manyGreen areas, under it the mountain park William height in the Habichtswald and Karl - and Fuldaaue (see for this gardens and parks in Kassel. In many places in the Kasseler numerous oaks are noticeable to city, those by the artist Joseph Beuys under the slogan 7.000 oaks - forest ung instead of roll ung between 1982 and '87 at roads and places were cultivated.

Kassel becomes of the Fulda and the tributaries and brooks partly leading into within the city this river (among them suspect, Drusel (in the underflow “small Fulda” mentioned), Geile - Döll, Losse, sneezed and selects) flowed through.

Kassel lowest place is in the northeast Fuldatal on 132,9 m and. NN (river level somewhat north the grey cat); one pullsstill the somewhat abseitige Exklave collar yard in this valley also in consideration, then is the lowest place of the city only few meters underneath the barrage weir at the city boundary to Fuldatal - illusion living on only 131.4 m over that Sea level. The city center is because of the king place 163 m and/or. at the city hall 169 m highly and the lock William height stands on approximately 285 m height. The highest place although of the strongly wooded area belonging to the city is with approximately615 m over Normalnull in the Habichtswald at the high grass.

The highest buildings of Kassel are the old church tower of the Luther church (76 m), the Herkules (70.5 m) and the double towers of the March in church (69 m), not however the 186 m high TV tower on the vinegar mountain, because it stands outside of the city.

neighbour municipalities

the following cities and municipalities border on the city Kassel. They are called in the clockwise direction beginning in the north and belong all - with exception ofStaufenberg, the part of the district Goettingen in Lower Saxony actual to the district Kassel: Ahnatal, Vellmar, Fuldatal, Staufenberg, sneezed, sneezing valley, purchases, Lohfelden, Fuldabrück, Baunatal, looking castle, Habichtswald. Of it grow Vellmar and Fuldatal in the north, purchases in the east, Lohfelden in the southeast and Baunatal in the south ever more near to the city near.

city arrangement

the city of Kassel is divided for everyone into 23 quarters, from those a local adviser with a local chief as chairmen has. The local advisers are selected directly every 5 years by the population of the quarters. The local adviser is to all important questions, which affect the quarter to hear. The final decision over a measure is incumbent on thenhowever the town council of the entire town Kassel.


beside the quarters grown historically are some formerly independent municipalities and Gemarkungen to Kassel in in common December. The year of the incorporation is in parentheses.

within the Kasseler of quarters there partially still local districts or settlements with own name, about Mulang and voter living are to, The somewhat abseitige Exklave collar yard, which belongs to the quarter wolf meadow hare hedge, belongs to quarter bath William height east hereditary suppl., to which to the quarter young remote head belongs, or which Blücherviertel, which belongs to the quarter Unterneustadt.

adjacent municipalities

the city Kassel has large adjacent municipalities, what makes Kassel the real large city.These change actually directly into Kassel. In the dye of the city live approx. 105,000 humans. Therefore live in the region Kassel approx. 300,000 humans.

land use

(conditions 2003)

Kasseler city: altogether 106.77 km ²

  • 34.5% building andOpen space
  • of 21.6% forest areas
  • 17.0% agriculture surface
  • 13.0% traffic surface
  • of 10.0% recreation areas
  • 2.0% water surface
  • 1.5% surfaces of other use
  • 0.4% area


short outline of the urban history

city plan of Kassel of matte house Merian, 1648

the first documentary mention of Kassel decreases/goes back to the year 913 . 1189 municipal rights is lent to the former Frankish king yard, before Kassel becomes 1277 the capital of the land county Hessen. Since then the urban history is closely interlacedwith the fate of the hessian regents. Beginning 16. Century develops land count Philipp to an important Protagonisten of the reformation. Crucially land count Karl coined/shaped the townscape starting from 1700 by its ambitionierten baroque building projects, like the Karl sows or the Herkules.

Briefly after Hessen Kassel became the cure principality, 1806 napoléonische troops occupied the city, and made Kassel until 1813 the capital of the again-created Kingdom of Westphalia and residence of Napoleons' brother Jérôme.

At the end of the war of 1866 cure Hessen becomes, thatas also the kingdom had confessed Hanover on the side of Austria, victim of the aggressive policy of expansion of Prussia and annektiert.

Between 1920 and 1925 Philipp was sheath man mayor of the city Kassel.

In the evening 7. November 1938 the synagog and different one became Jewish mechanisms in Kassel devastates, 2 days before that 9. November, whose Pogrome should enter as Novemberprogrome German history.

In the process 2. World war destroyed several air raids far parts of the urban land development and demanded many human lives. Thatthe city experienced heaviest bombardments to 23. October 1943. At this night died over 10.000 humans and 80% of the houses were destroyed. Because Kassel, in particular into old part of town ranges, was a city with many half timbered houses, it became the perfectA goal of incendiary bomb attacks in the context of the British moral bombing offensive. From the purposeful mass release of phosphorus and Elektrothermitstabbrandbomben a fire tower resulted, like e.g. by into fire-set wood. also in Hamburg, Dresden, Pforzheim, Hildesheim and Darmstadt.

1948 failed to Kassel with the attempt the capital of the FRG to become.

When Begleitprogramm became the Bundesgartenschau of 1955 initiated of Arnold Bode documenta, which developed since then to the exhibition of modern art most meaning world-wide.

Work on []

To inhabitant development

for detailed numbers of inhabitants see the article history of Kassel

1899 exceeded the number of inhabitants of the city the border of 100.000 inhabitants, whereby it became the large city. Until 1939 this number doubled itself on 216.000. At the end of June to 2005 lived in Kasselafter updating of the hessian statistic national office 194,176 humans with main domicile. By the district administration Kassel, department of regional planning, is counted until 2020 on a decrease of the total population of the city on 175.201.


Kassel belonged to religions


work on] before that Reformation to the ore diocese Mainz. 1526 inserted land count Philipp into Hessen the reformation. At the beginning 17. Century ordered the land count von Hessen-Kassel, Moritz the scholars, the reformed confession. The church administration (reformed) of the church in Hessen foundin Kassel, but within the country Hessen Kassel further Konsistorien (church administrative authorities) furnished itself later (1704 in Marburg, later also in Hanau). The Kasseler authority administered the reformed municipalities.

Starting from 1731 also the Lutheranern its own service becameand an own clergyman been entitled, because Hessen had allied itself at that time with lutherischen Sweden. Only after the transition of the cure principality Hessen at Prussia (1866) 1873 became a uniform Konsistorium for the entire governmental district Kassel within the province Hessen Nassau furnished (on the other hand the hessian Renitenz arranged itself).

Starting from 1731 there were also again catholic municipality members in Kassel and starting from 1776 became also again services certified, particularly the land count at that time Friedrich II. had become even catholic. The portion thatCatholics became larger thereafter always so that soon also again independent Pfarrgemeinden formed. These belong since 1821 to the diocese Fulda. Within these Diözese they belong today to the Dekanat Kassel within the region of the same name.

1907 came it intothe consequence of lectures of the EH gelists Heinrich Dallmeyer to an arousing movement, whose leads excrescences to the refusal of the arising Pfingstbewegung by the evangelikale community movement.
see citizen of Berlin explanation + to Kasseler explanation

later with Evangelist regional church in Hessen Kassel designated church combined1934 with the Evangelist regional church in forest-hit a corner yourself to the Evangelist church of cure-Hessen-forest-hit a corner. Within this regional church the church municipalities of Kassel belong - if they do not belong to a free church - to the parish districts Kassel center, Kassel east and Kassel west (starting from 1.January 2005:Town church circle Kassel) of the parish Kassel.


in Kassel is also the second largest Jewish municipality of Hessen, those today again approx. 1,300 members counts. Before the reunification were only 80, but by the influxJewish humans from the former Soviet Union the municipality grew enormously. For some years there is also again a synagog and since short also again a Rabbiner.

free churches

a Evangelist-freechurch municipality (Baptisten) gives it in Kassel since 1847. Today three Baptistengemeinden are active with altogether 550 baptized members in the Kasseler city. They belong to winner country to the Evangelist-freechurch combination Hessen -. In Kassel is also the publishing house of the GermansBaptisten, which - after its founder designated - when Oncken publishing house firmiert.


at the point of the city Kassel stood the advice. The mayors represented the municipality in relation to the advice. The number of the mayors varied between 4and 8. They were ordered by the guilds and the remaining citizenry. The mayors had seat and voice in the advice and supervised the financial and fiscal matters of the city. In the Kingdom of Westphalia a Maire and a Munizipalrat stood after French modelat the point of the city. In cure-hessian time 1834 the hessian Gemeindeordnung came into force . Afterwards Kassel had a mayor and a mayor as a leading and carrying out official beside the town councillor as also managing instance.

city heads

(since 1821)

partnerships between cities

Kassel maintain partnerships with the following cities:

economics and infrastructure

as former Residenzstadt became Kassel late administrative and authority seat. Since that 19. Century gives it above all to mechanical engineering, particularly Lokomotiv and building of railroad cars as well as armaments industry (Henschel works, way man, Credé, bombard); Components of the Transrapid are manufactured in Kassel. Starting from 1935 for some decades large celanese production (spin fiber AG).

Kassel becamethorough industrializes relatively late (off approx. 1890) and since the 1970er years meaning industrielle of large-scale enterprises lost. Today the unemployment rate lies in Kassel between 15 and 20 per cent.


streetcar on the upper king road

by its centralSituation is good this city to reach. Kassel is at the federal motorways A 7, A 44 and A 49 and because of the new building distance Hanover peppering castle of the ICE - net. Beside the remote station station Kassel William height connects the RegioTram at the main station Kassel thoseCity with the surrounding countryside.

see also: Airport Kassel Calden, north Hessian traffic group, Herkulesbahn, Hessencourrier, streetcar Kassel


the hessian/general one of Lower Saxony is the only daily paper appearing in Kassel. See major items: Hessian/general ones of Lower Saxony.

Two timesin the week the indicator sheet extra tip is distributed to all Kasseler of households. It finances itself only by classified advertisements and incomes from advertising and has a small strongly opinion-ends editorial part.

(K) the magazine appears monthly and reports on cultural topics to the regionNorth Hesse.

Since 2004 the north Hessian new newspaper published by the industrial union metal, which is distributed free of charge in enterprises and populated areas, appears monthly.

Different broadcasting stations have Studios in Kassel. The hessian broadcast operates here its Studio Kassel and sends itsRadio program hr4 directly from Kassel. Hit radio FFH has its Nordhessenstudio in the house of the HNA and the Radiosender Sky radio sends Hessen far from the Friedrich Ebert road.RTL Television operates a branch in the city. The Radiosender free radio Kassel and the television station Open channel Kassel are two not-commercial Bürgersender.

city center

the king place on an old postcard

the Kasseler city center with pedestrian precinct has after the fast reconstruction of the old part of town totally destroyed in the Second World War into the 1950ern since endthe 1980er enormous restructuring by purchase galleries and/or. Shopping Malls and international branch chains experience. Like internationally so also in Kassel this city center change in competition at the “bacon belt” or shopping centers on the “green meadow” happens around a large city and under displacement of social fringe groupsas well as particularly traditionally residents, but comparatively small business.

Internationally became Kassel admits among other things also with planning and the building of the stair road in such a way specified, of a pedestrian axle, those the main station with the Friedrichsplatz (central place) connects and with thatfor the first time according to modern criteria concerning town construction built is. Due to the building of the ICE station Kassel William height the main station lost however its meaning and concomitantly the once strongly frequented stair road.

public mechanisms

Kassel is seat of the following mechanisms, institutionsand bodies of the public right: on federal level

education and research

the 1970 as comprehensive university Kassel (GhK) created University of Kassel took up the training enterprise with the winter semester 1971/72.2002 were changed the name in University of Kassel. At 14 faculties about 16,000 students study. Within the university created academy of art Kassel is in partial autonomy the 1777. It existed already between 1633 and 1653 in Kassel a university,politically caused appearance of the Philipps university Marburg. Also in 19. Century existing higher vocational school (polytechnic institute), at that and. A. the chemists Heinrich Buff, Ludwig moon, Friedrich better and Robert Bunsen taught and researched, can than Vorläuferin thatKasseler university to be regarded.

culture and objects of interest

forest ung “: At night in the city center only few historical buildings are

received to oak of Joseph Beuys before the museum Fridericianum due to the war destruction and the postwar town planning:

The Evangelist brother church is the oldest church building of the city. In the area of the city center are further historical architectural monuments. Together with the Renthof and the Rondell, March in church with the salient towers of the early post-war period, Ottoneum, Marstall, ruin of the arsenal, Karl hospital, Druselturm, ruin of the garrison church, simplifies rebuilt Karl church, Fridericianum with Zwehrener tower (temporarily used as observatory), Altan of the former red one Palais', church tower of the old Luther church with mode rem concrete new building and surrounding grave monuments of the Altstädter of cemetery.

In the quarter west (Vernacular: „The front west “) of Kassel are impressionful art nouveau - building; it concerns mostly renting houses with variously arranged fronts.

The architecture of the 1950er is represented, for example with numerous examples: Head building of the main station, former hotel Hessen country, housethe youth, stair road.

Major item: Art and architectural monuments of the city Kassel

of Germany

Kasseler figure theatre
- a union of professional groups of figure theatres of action theatres Kassel - is considered
  • to theatre national theatre Kassel the Ottoneum the theatre
  • offers „fastidious as the oldest being certain theatre buildingProductions in the transient area between theatres and forming art “
  • Flinntheater
  • ImproKS - improvisation theatre
  • theatre Chaosium - theatre with and without Psychose experienced humans
  • small stage 70 - the amateur theatre offers among other things Sketche, comedies, dramas, fairy tale, Kriminalstücke etc. small stage 70
  • clearanceTheatres Kassel - mobiles child and youth theatre
  • national theatre Kassel (opera, Operette, musical, play)
  • TAF - theatre at the river, developed 1999 under the name theatre new work
  • theatre in centrum
  • the Wehlheider yard theatre - for amateur theatre
  • comedy Kassel


Kasselhad considerable private as well as nationally promoted music mechanisms. As examples are to be called: the state State of Kassel (at the national theatre), the bear rider publishing house, the specialist area music of the University of Kassel, the music academy, the chamber music association, the music center in the Kutscherhaus, the dock 4, the cultural centerSlaughterhouse, the promotion association Kasseler jazz music, the skirt office Kassel, Drum and Brass volume Kassel 1967 g.V. and the music shelter, the Kantorei Kirchditmold and. A.

museums and galleries

the city Kassel has a number of important museums andGalleries. Basis of the today's MUSE around landscape in Kassel were the collections of the land counts and cure princes of Hessen Kassel. The Fridericianum, at the today's Friedrichsplatz is considered as the first public museum building on the European continent.

Major item: Museums in Kassel


the university library Kassel is a library union from land and Murhardbibliothek of the city Kassel and the actual libraries of the university.

The municipal library is distributed with numerous branches over the city.

gardens and parks

Mountain park William height

of Wasserspiele with cascades and Herkules (mountain park William height)
view of the south on the Lac; in the background lock William height

the mountain park William height, which in the western city of Kassel in the Habichtswald is, is a park plant of world validityand/or. special beauty. In it are the lock William height, the lion castle (Kassel) and the Herkules, the landmark of the city.

Around 1700 the mountain park was begun of land count Karl as baroque park plant. In 18. and 19. Century it becamepartly to an English landscape park transforms. In the summer months there 2mal take place weekly the Kasseler worth seeing of Wasserspiele .

Karl sows and Fuldaaue

in the Kasseler Fulda - valley are the Karl sows and the Fuldaaue. These two directly neighbouring parks together form one of the largest park plants in the city and one of the most extensive park-like local recreation areas of Germany, in each case in which 1955 (Karl sows) and 1981 (Karl and Fuldaaue) took place a Bundesgartenschau.

The Karl sows, findsin the area of the quarter southern part of the town, it is an originally baroque, park plant in the city at the western Fuldaufer, to to the city center of Kassel and/or. at the Friedrichsplatz near-hands. The historically extremely impressing park plant, those on the flat areaa former Fuldainsel was put on, contains numerous waters artificially put on, like ponds, lakes and ditches, which still illustrate the baroque basic concept of the plant today. On chaussierten ways one can wander through the plant. Over footbridges one arrives into the Fuldaaue. Inthe Karl sows are the Orangerie with the museum for astronomy and technology history and the marble bath. The flower island filter mountains can offers in the summer of rich flower splendour.

The Fuldaaue - common Buga, after the Bundesgartenschau is the Karl sows at the other Fuldauferopposite. It was put on to the Bundesgartenschau 1981 on the area of old gravel works. The modern arranged park plant, contains a large lake artificially put on, whose northern part is defined as protected area. In the protected area many rare birds breed, during itself on thatmany citizens meet southwest, larger part of the plant around to bathing to float crickets as well as sport.

The Buga lies in the quarter Waldau and is an urban plant, while the Karl sows a state park is and will maintain by the country Hessen.

citizen the waking work

, a food made of meat by-products, as well as the awl

Wurscht counts customs and specialities the landmark of the people celebration Zissel, the Zisselhering at the Rondell to the culinary specialities according to opinion of many Kasseler (high German: Old sausage).One in completely Hessen saturation supplement liked is the Griene sauce (high German: Becomes green sauce). Kasseler was designated however no Kasseler speciality, but after the citizen of Berlin butcher Cassler.

The inhabitants of the city differ between cash-learn, Kasselanern and Kasselänern. ThatKasseler is only a tightening, while the Kasselaner is born in Kassel. Kasseläner may only call itself, whose parents Kasselaner was already.

Kasselänern to follow, itself after Kasselänerisch maintained, can prove for foreign ones as difficult.

- „Going ADDs thereRädde däh? “(= the dog belongs to you/you?)

The all-summer celebration at the Fuldaufer, which is Zissel, in the whole region well-known. It tightens alto and young either magically, or frightens it long lasting. Just like the Glowesabend, customsto the Nikolausstag.

large meetings

  • summers - every 5 years: documenta - exhibition for contemporary art (for the first time 1955)
  • March/April: Spring fair at the new fair place
  • April/May: Day of the earth, road celebration with conditions to environmental topics and culture program
  • May/June: The city celebration in the city center (for the first time 29. June to 06. July 1979)
  • June/July/August: International concert row in the culture tent at the cable link
  • July/August: Zissel - the Kasseler people celebration on and at the Auedamm
  • August: Wehlheider Kirmes
  • Septembers: (usually first Saturday): Museum night (for the first time at the 11. -12.09.1999)
  • September: Connichi
  • Septembers: International Theaterfestival in the national theatre
  • Septembers: More William-highly mountain and light celebration in the mountain park William height
  • Octobers: Kasseler music days
  • November/December: 2 Weihnachtsmärkte in the city center-->


  • football
Auestadion: Nordtribüne von der Gegenseite (SW n. NO; 06.12.2003; KSV Hessen : Wörsdorf 2:1 (0:1)
Auestadion: North grandstand of the opposite side (SW n. NO; 06.12.2003; KSV Hessen : Wörsdorf 2:1 (0:

The soccer association KSV Hessen has a moved past and has not only successfully into the 1980ern in the 2. Federal league easily - partly even around the ascent.

1997 followed the bankruptcyand the case into „a barrel without soil “, because the association was back-gradated into the circle league.1998 again-justifiedly play the team of the KSV Hessen after 4-maligem ascent in consequence again in the upper league Hessen (2002 - 2005).In the years 2003 and 2004 the crew missed the first place of this league and thus the ascent into the regional league only scarcely. To the end 2004/2005 the club fought to the season against the descent from the upper league, secured themselvesbut the class receipt on the third last play day.

  • Ice hockey

the ice hockey - crew Kassel Huskies played since 1994/95 successfully in the DEL and was 1997 vice-masters. But 2004/05 followed at least on the paper the sporty descent; because however the special permission for toosmall and marode resound the EHC wolf castle were not extended, could the Huskies also in the season 2005/06 in the DEL play, in which they descended however again sportily. The team in the ice-skating hall Kassel delivers their Heimspiele .

  • Hand ball

Traditionally Harleshausen is in the hand ball well set up to the Sportverein.

  • Leichtathletik

in Kassel reside numerous Leichtathletikvereine. The emphasis lies here in particular in the range means - and long-distance run, which in particular on the activity of the former Marathon - coach of the national team Winfried Aufenanger decreases/goes back.Important regular Leichtathletikveranstaltungen is in June the taking place international Askina Leichtathletiksportfest in the Kasseler Auestadion, the Kassler town center run with international occupation in May as well as the Kassel hereditary suppl. run to the Herkules. Starting from 2007 also a midsummer - a Marathon are to take place.

  • Rudders

at that Fulda are resident numerous rudder associations.

  • Sails

the high sea-yachting club Kassel registered association. (HVK) organize with the association-own high sea-yacht Segeltörns and bereist with also with non-members further sea-areas.

  • Bowling

of the Bowling Sportverein Kassel (BSV) is with several crews both in the hessian national leagues, andrepresent also in the federal league (club “final Kassel”).

important personalities

see major items: List of the honour citizens of Kassel and list of the sons and daughters of the city Kassel


  • Kassel, in: Meyers encyclopedia, 4.Aufl. 1888-90, Bd. 9, S. 592 f.
  • Hessian city book; Volume IV 1. Volume from German city book. Manual of urban history - on behalf of the working group of the historical commissions and with support of the German city daily, the German standard ware and the German municipality daily,hrsg. by Erich Keyser, Stuttgart, 1957

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