of these articles is occupied with the province in the DR the Congo. For the motion picture film, see Katanga (film).
base data
capital: Lubumbashi
surface: 496,871 km ²
inhabitants: 4.125.000 (estimated, 1998)
population density: 8.3 Einw. /km ² (estimated, 1998)
ISO 3166-2: CD-KT

Katanga (1971-1997 Shaba) is a province of the democratic Republic of the Congo with the capital Lubumbashi.

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the province Kasai Occidental and Kasai Oriental, in the northeast on the provinces Maniema and south Kivu , lie in the south on Zambia, in the west on Angola and in the east on the Tanganjikasee in the southeast of the country and border in the northwest on the provinces (Tanzania).


the groups of main peoples of Katangas are the Baluba in the northwest and in the center, the Hemba in the north, the Tumbwe in the northeast, the Lunda in the west, as well as the Bemba and Lala in the southeast.

territorial arrangement

Katanga is far divided into the districts Tanganika, waiter Lomami, waiter Katanga, Kolwezi and Lualaba, which are divided into separate territories again.


1891 the areas Katangas were entrusted to Katanga and 1900 the Comité Spécial you completely separately by the Belgian Congo Free State of the Compagnie you Katanga and administered by the remaining Congo. Only 1910 became Katanga autonomous area the Belgian Congo. 1933 lost the province their autonomy and became after their capital in Elisabethville (frz.) and/or. Elisabethstad (ndl.) (today's Lubumbashi) renamed.

Briefmarke des "unabhängigen" Katanga
Stamp of the “independent” Katanga

1960, when the Dekolonisation of the democratic Republic of the Congo was under way (see history of the democratic Republic of the Congo), proclaimed Moïse Tshombé independence Katangas. The UN tried to induce the Elisabethville at that time by negotiations Katanga to the return , occupied 1963 and terminated independence with military means. Katanga was only divided into three provinces, reunited 1966 however.

In the same year 1966 the mine company union Minière you was put under state control skin Katanga under the name Gécamines. 1971 were renamed Katanga in Shaba. During the 1970er - years could be suppressed rebellions by the zaïrischen central power only with foreign military aid, for example 1978 as to 13. May with the so-called Shaba invasion 4000 rebels the most important mining industry city of the province, Kolwezi occupied. Only by substantial support by the United States of America, Belgium and France, it succeeded to back-conquer the zaïrischen army the city, whereby 700 African and 280 white ones found death. After Mobutu Sese Seko went 1997 into the exile, the province accepted again the earlier name Katanga.

flag of Katanga 1960 - 1963

national flag v. Katanga 11. July 1960 - 24. May 1963

flag Katangas 11. July 1960 - 24. May 1963. The copper crosses were represented in the flag also in upright form. Additionally there were coloured variants of all kinds.


ore occurrences of copper, cobalt (for instance with Kolwezi) and uranium have Bodenschätze Katanga.

planned dissolution

with the Verabschiedung of a new condition in May 2005 is to be reorganized the Congo. Katanga is to be divided in four new provinces:

  • Skin Katanga with the capital Lubumbashi
  • skin Lomami with the capital Kamina
  • Lualaba with the capital Kolwezi
  • Tanganyika with the capital Kalemie

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