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A disaster (Greek καταστροφή out old-Greek katá - a prefix, which announces a reversal or downwards and strephein - turn) is a crucial, consequence-fraught misfortune event.

In insurance-legal viewit is after understanding of the German Federal Republic a damage event, which goes clearly over the extents of damage events of the daily life outside and lives and health of numerous humans, substantial real values and/or the vitally necessary supplying measures for the population substantially endangers or limits.

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disaster than event

the social condition “disaster” subjectively one feels and kommunikativ one spreads. It can of a personal emergency, localTo cases of damage (disaster, these aster) up to a wide destruction of lives, infrastructure and auxiliary possibilities of a whole habitat, even up to the fall of whole societies reach. In the range of the executive the disaster defense is a task of the disaster control. There will within the range of the auxiliary workers becomesspoken of a “disaster”, if with a large damage event more hurt than aids locally are.

disaster and disaster control


legal become here “disaster” by large damage event and/or. its synonyms large damage situation and large accident in as much defined as the “disaster” (after jewiligem federal state law)generally consulting of structures of the disaster control (guidance units, personnel and material) makes necessary for their accomplishment.

A condition for the use of the term “disaster” is further in the operational sense that adequate counter measures can be met only purposefully, if a uniform/central co-ordination of the preventive measures takes place via disaster control authorities andMeans of the disaster control for the removal of the disaster and/or. reducing their consequences to be consulted must (see for example Bavarian disaster control law kind. 1).

A “large damage event” represents however a damage situation, which itself by the necessity for the integration of non-resident back-ups in the context of the over-local legal assistancedistinguishes. To disaster control means must be not necessarily fallen back thereby. Also a misfortune, with which it comes to a mass accumulation of hurt one (MANV), is called large damage situation. If a large damage situation is present and/or. , is it is proclaimed possible special assistance from Land authorities to to be gotten, so for exampleover-local assistance of other fire-brigades or funds.

In Germany (due to the land competence in accordance with the föderalen state order ) 16 different legal definitions in the legislation concerning the disaster control exist. If a large damage situation is present and/or. , is it is proclaimed possible special assistance from Land authorities to to be gotten, so toExample over-local assistance of other fire-brigades or funds.


in Austria can become with the changes described above a certain area the disaster area. Depending upon expansion can proclaim a mayor , a district captain or a national captain the disaster. The disaster control legislation is incumbent on the individual Lands of the Federal Republic. Thus certain emergency acts come into force around the effects more easily and unbureaucratically into the grasp to get. If persons are abroad concerned by a disaster, then the assistance ranks among the tasks of the State Department.

Primarily is the fight against disastersTask of the fire-brigade with the organized disaster emergency services and the rescue organizations. In addition, the federal army can be consulted for Assistenzhilfsleistungen.

the USA

in the USA central the FEMA ( Federal Emergency management Agency) is responsible. See.

other countries

nearly all states have responsible organizations against disasters for the disaster control, at least rudimentarily. Poor countries or countries with unstable political conditions often are with the entrance of a disaster on assistance by other states as well as internationalnon-governmental institutions and organizations as for example the international red cross and red half moon movement dependent.


occurring or threatening disasters, pragmatically enumerated, would be:

frequent are differentiated natural catastrophes from “technical disasters”, i.e. Natural occurences, those humans are suspended and to suffocating, drowning, Verdursten, Verhungern, Erfrieren, burning and comparable one lead (like meteor impacts, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, ground connection and sea-quake, flood, Waldbrände etc.). In addition, natural catastrophesare always social in their effects and/or. culturally affects (even one larva Disasters) - if humans the volcanic slopes would not have settled, would often be an outbreak no “disaster”. Those so-called. “one calls technical disasters”, which mean a devastating ecological Beeinträchtung, also environment disasters.

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