Kateřina Neumannová

Kateřina Neumannová (* 15. February 1973 in Písek) is a Czech Skilangläuferin.

Kateřina Neumannová won bronze over 10 km freestyle , at the WM 1999 bronze over 5 km classically, with the Nordi ski world championship 1997 bronze over 15 km freestyle, with the olympic winter plays 1998 silver over 5 km classically and with the olympic winter plays 2002 silver over 15 km freestyle and in pursuit.

After a baby break (to 2. July 2003 came its daughter Lucie to the world) won it with the WM 2005 gold over 15 km freestyle.

With the olympic winter plays 2006 it won the silver medal in the pursuit running in Pragelato over 15 kilometers as well as the gold medal over 30 kilometers.


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