Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale RST (* 26. July 1973 in London, England) is a British actress.

She is the daughter of the British TV-actors Richard Beckinsale and Judy RST. Their father died 1979 at the age of 31 years. After completion of the school (London)it begins a career as an actress. 1991 transferred it a role in a television film over the Second World War, which admits her in England made. At the end this yearly was radiated the film also in the United States. After this first success Beckinsale at that studied University of Oxford French and Russian literature; in interviews it tells that the university studies for it were better than the attendance of a play school.

Offered during their first yearly in Oxford Beckinsale a role in Kenneth Branaghs film Much Ado About emergency-hung, a filming of Shakespeares Comedy much noise around nothing. This film help her to further roles in motion picture films, which it turned apart from its study. The last academic year spent it in Paris, where it learned the French culture to know. There it decided, the study after three yearsto break off and on a career as an actress concentrate. Since then it played roles for television films and plays in several larger film productions also, accepts beside in addition.

To some films in England it changed with because it you gives to America. The break-through camehowever not with Pearl Harbor, but with its first Actionfilm Underworld, which a continuation follows. In the film aviator over the life of Howard Hughes represented it to one the largest star Hollywoods, Ava Gardner.

With the actor Michael Sheen has Beckinsalea daughter, Lily. After its separation she married the director Len Wiseman, whom she had become acquainted with with the work on Underworld in May 2004.


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