as a century (shortened Jh. or Jhdt.) one designates the time interval of one hundred years. Ten centuries form one millenium.

Due to the definition that there was none „year zero “, it covers one century always the hundred years,with the appropriate full year end. One calls the last year of one century secular year.

Example: 20. Century covers the years from 1901 to 2000.

„The Leut' argues around whether the new century toNew Year of yesterday began or at the next New Year will begin; Scholarly ones, writers, poets and philosophers continue the fight for at the beginning of the century; but of state because of just like by the church authorities it was ordered that the beginning of thenew century of our time calculation at the 1. January 1900 is celebrated, and therefore the turn of the century was festively committed everywhere in the German Reich with speeches and congratulations under the ring of the bells and the thunder of the cannons. “(Vossi newspaper, 2. January 1900, S. 1)

Also at the meeting „of the Brandenburgia “, society for local history and geography of the province Brandenburg to Berlin, to correct counting one paid attention: „Before beginning of the lectures the chairman put, goes. Government advice Friedel, different classes Vossi and thatSpener newspaper from the years 1800 and 1801 before, in order to show that at the beginning 19. Century in the year 1801 celebrated it is that thus, since the century beginning is determined this time officially at the year 1900 of 19. Centuryonly 99 years elapsed. “ (The bar. Illustrated weekly revue for history and modern life, 26. Jgg., No. 6, S. 108)

Caution is required with Italian century data of the second millenium: these refer sometimes to the century without attention of the thousands of years portion.15. Century - the years from 1401 to 1500 (early Renaissance) - would then thus be in Italy „quattrocento “(literally: four hundreds).

As prefix the word is used century, in order to mark a special event, substantially over thatnormal or over the statistic average value exceeds, for example a century flood or a century summer.

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2.(2000-1001)v. Chr. 20. Jh. 19. Jh. 18. Jh. 17. Jh. 16. Jh. 15. Jh. 14. Jh. 13. Jh. 12. Jh. 11. Jh.
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4. (4000-3001) v. Chr. 40. Jh. 39. Jh. 38. Jh. 37. Jh. 36. Jh. 35. Jh. 34. Jh. 33. Jh. 32. Jh. 31. Jh.

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