as millenium or Millennium one designates the time interval of one thousand years.

The third millenium began correct-proves with that 1. January 2001 and becomes with that 31. Decembers 3000 end (turn of the century). The reason lies in the fact that alsothe first millenium of our time calculation with that 1. January in the year 1 began and with that 31. December in the year 1000 ended. (See also the articles year to 0 and fence stake problem.)

The year 2000 became also rightfully as„the Millenniumjahr “celebrated, as which year evenly, which locks the old millenium. The ceremonies for this Millenniumjahr began - naturally - in New Year's Eve of 31. December 1999 to the 1. January 2000. All too often at that time in addition, one stated -partly from Ignoranz, partly for commercial reasons, this New Year's Day was also the beginning of the third millenium.

Mathematically regarded is this opinion however - and to it appoint yourself those, those the thousands of years change to 31. Decembers 2000 celebrated - wrongly.

In the number system the first decimals end with the number of 9, the second decimals begin with the number of 10. Therefore the number wears 10 also two numbers, i.e. in the first place “1” for a full decimal andthe second place “0” for zero one. Accordingly this applies to the thousands.

For the thousands of years change in the calendar correctly it is argued that there was no year zero, however is misjudged that there were several calendar reforms in the Middle Ages, in thosewhole months were omitted. With this argumentation one would have the thousands of years change thus not to 31. Decembers to celebrate may do, but only some months later.

Because this would have been very incomprehensible however, with the celebrations to the thousands of years change “phäno “the logical transition was celebrated 1999-2000.(Millennium was selected for the word of the yearly 1999.)

the same „problem “applies also to centuries and decades.

In theology the Millennium is the 1000-jährige realm (revealing the Johannes 20), which can be expected at the end of all days

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