Katharina winter

Katharina winters (* 4. February 1901 in Hamburg as Margaretha Juliane Catharina winters; † 16. May 2005 in Berlin) was a Unterstützerin of the resistance fighters 20. July 1944.

Margaretha Katharina winters was born 1901 into a rich Hamburg manufacturer family (Carstens & winters, of Germany largest meat and sausage goods factory, Flensburg). Their youth spent it in Berlin and experienced here the golden twenties. The attractive and self-confident woman was roll ago Eppenstein married with the Jewish antique dealer, which submerged after a forced divorce in December 1938 (Giesebrechtstrasse 14) and by her one hid and one supported financially. Of it with the French Ambassador “bought” escape possibility deflected its married man. In March 1942 he was betrayed, sought out of the Gestapo and short time later in the KZ Majdanek guest.

Margarethe winters, how she called herself in business, led one of the most exclusive shoe stores of the city at the cure prince dam 13 - ITALY - in Berlin, created the Ferragamo winters shoe company Berlin and was however imported goods urine of the elegant Salvatore Ferragamo of shoes Florenz. There was further business in Neukölln at the Karl Marx road (MaWi shoes) and in Hamburg, at the Collonaden and new barrier. When its shoe salon at the Ku-dam 13 was closed because of to large luxury in the course of the general quiet putting measures, it produced federal avenue, even shoes in its dwelling emperor avenue 32, today and employed there up to 18 shoemakers. The sales continued in the private dwelling. After the war shoes from all possible, available materials were manufactured.

The elegant shoe salon at the Ku-dam 13 was particularly with the women of the LV-Parteiprominenz likes. Here Magda Goebbels bought their shoes just like EH brown.

It supported the men 20. July around Josef Wirmer, with which it had a relationship over many years, with money and Unterschlupf. Of it this very day more than 100 hand written letters with partially political contents witness. Several conspiratorial meetings Wirmers with Claus's count give from Stauffenberg and Carl Friedrich Goerdeler took place in its dwelling in the emperor avenue 32. It was included however not into the discussions and does not apply therefore not as Widerstandskämpferin strictly speaking. After the failure of the Putsches it tried to organize an escape possibility for Wirmer, which did not notice these however, because he, as announced by Hitler, feared Repressalien against his family.

After the war Margarethe built winters its shoe stores in Berlin, cure prince dam and Hamburg, new barrier. 1959 went it to New York, worked as Hauswirtschaftlerin at different “service gentlemen”, among other things be enough year with the royally Netherlands envoy Moritz van Lohen, and returned only for 1971 to Berlin. It lived in Hamburg and Berlin and deceased in its dwelling in Berlin at the age of 104 years.

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