Katharina of Spain

Katharina of Spain (14. January 1507; † 12. January 1578) was ore duchess of Austria and princess of Spain from the house having castle. From 1525 to 1557 she was queen of Portugal.

Katharina von Spanien, Königin von Portugal
Katharina of Spain, queen of Portugal

Katharina of Spain was a daughter Philipps of the beautiful one and the Johanna of the mad ones.

It had five brothers and sisters: the Roman-German emperors Karl V. and Ferdinand I., Isabella geb. 1501, later wife Christians II. of Denmark, Maria, geb. 1505, the later wife king Ludwig II. of Hungary and Böhmen as well as Eleonore of Austria, the later queen of Portugal and France.

After the early death of her father (1506) their nut/mother purged to the insanity and because of their condition as a prisoner in the castle of Tordesillas was finally locked up. During their brother Ferdinand of its grandfather Ferdinand II., which catholic ones one educated and their further brothers and sisters with the Austrian relationship, i.e. with the Margarete of Austria in Mecheln lived, divided it the lot and the shank of their nut/mother. It buildup so without any education, as prisoners locked up in a small area, which lay behind the room of their nut/mother, to Karl V. they on the occasion of an attendance, much against the will of their nut/mother, released and it an education appropriate for a princess angedeihen left.

1525 married it king Johann III. from Portugal and was like that up to the death of their man 1557 queen of Portugal (as a marriage wife, not as Regentin from own right).

With it it had the following children:

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