Cathedral of Chartres

Glasfenster aus der Kathedrale (Salomon aus dem A.T.)
Glasfenster from the cathedral (Salomon from the A.T.)

the cathedral Notre lady de Chartres [nɔtʀə ˈdam də ˈʃaʀtʀə] in Chartres is developed the Urbild of the high-gothical cathedral, at a place, where already in pre-Christian time the “Virgo Paritura” (virgin those will bear) admiresbecame.

876 Karl the bald one weiht there a church and hands to the sanctuary over a holy Reliquie, the Tunika, which is to have carried the virgin Maria with the delivery of the message of Jesu birth by the ore gel Gabriel. Today is in the cathedralto visit approximately a 30x30 cm large cloth of these Tunika.

1194 are begun with the building of the cathedral at the same time with Saint Étienne de Bourges on the foundation walls of the Roman Fulbertusbaues, which was pleased the flames to the victim before. Only some decades before the west portal finished placedhad remained. The building does not pull itself according to the recordings long already 1220 is the cathedral to have been in-curved. Only 1260 take place the inauguration. Whereby this delay of 40 years developed white to today nobody.

In short bloom time developed nearlyat the same time cathedrals in Paris (Sainte Chapelle), Soissons, Reims, Amiens and other cities. The paramount meaning of Notre-Dame de Chartres lies justified in the nearly intact preservation of the sculptures, tinted glass windows and the labyrinth.


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