Katherina realms

Katherina realms

Katherina realms (* 16. July 1973 in gap forest) is a German politician (CDU).

Them are since 2005 a deputy chairman of the CDU CSU - Bundestag faction.

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lives and occupation

after the Abitur 1992 at the High School gap forest completed Katherina realms a study of chemistry at the University of potsdam, to the Clarkson University, New York and the Turku University in Finland, which it 1997 as diploma - Chemikerin terminated. Subsequently, it was active until 1998 as a scientific woman employee at the University of potsdam.

Katherina realms is married and has two daughters.

a party

1992 belonged it to the initial members of the RCDS at the University of potsdam and became in the same year also member of the boys union. Since 1996 it is also member of the CDU. Katherina realms belongs to the CDU regional-level party council in Brandenburg and since 2000 also the CDU Federal Administration.

In the election campaign to the election to the Bundestag 2002 it became by Edmund Stoiber into the so-called. “Authority team” as Expertin for woman, youth and family policy appoint. From conservative union circles this nominating was criticized, since Katherina realms was at this time still another unmarried nut/mother.

In the election campaign to the election to the Bundestag 2005 it called genetic engineering opponents „bio terrorist “, and their alleged tolerance by the Red-Green government as scandal denounced. „Red-green “the genetic engineering would obstruct, because these wanted to make election campaign with fears of future.


since 1998 is Katherina realms member of the German federal daily. Here it was from 2002 to 2005 chairmen of the working group education and research of the CDU CSU - Bundestag faction.

To 29. November 2005 became it deputy leaders of the parliamentary group for the ranges the education and research; Environment, nature protection and reactor safety selected.

Kathrina realms always drew Brandenburg over the national list into the Bundestag.

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