Katie Price

Katie André, born as Katie Infield, late Katie Price (* 22. May 1978 in Brighton, England), is under the name Jordan admits become. Attention excites the popular British Partyluder by its chest enlargements and by permanent operational readiness level in the British rainbow press with reports about its private life.

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Katie Price was born in the year 1978 in Brighton, in the county East Sussex. When it was four years old, their father left the house. Its nut/mother, Amy Infield, married some time later an Englishman named “Paul Price “. Since then its surname Price reads instead of Infield. In its childhood it was considered as a exzellente swimmer, Gymnastikerin and a horsewoman. With thirteen years could it for a clothing firm in underwear be photographed. Their figure, which is nowadays a brand name of Katie, developed only, when it became years old sixteen.

the break-through as a PAGE 3 girl

famous became it by the photos as a “PAGE 3 girl” in the English boulevard newspaper The Sun. Shortly thereafter it became under their pointed name “Jordan” admits and ensured with their affairs for headlines. In the year 1997 it separated from an electrician and entered themselves later a relationship with the football star teddy Sheringham . Thus and girl” its popularity continued to increase the appearing as a “PAGE 3 always. In November poetry ores it in an extra charge of the man magazine Playboy. Until 1999 she was to be seen further five times in the “Playboy's Book OF Lingerie “.

In the year 1998 it caught a relationship with Warren Furman, admits from the US-American television broadcast Gladiators, on. Already in the same year separated both and Katie fell in love with the singer Dane Bowers. The pair separated according to some time and Katie let a child drive off. In July 1998 it let its chests increase around two Körbchengrössen (from B to D), since it the opinion was, it can their Modelkarriere help. In the same year it arose to formula 1 on some “Promotional Events” for - the team Jordan Grand Prix and from the technical literature to the first Boxenluder was explained. Meanwhile it has Körbchengrösse G. after renewed chest enlargements.

candidacy for the British House of Commons elections

to 7. June 2001 stood as a candidate it during the British House of Commons elections as a candidate for the constituency Manchester. Their Wahlspruch read: “For A Bigger and Better Future” (for a larger and better future). She promised the voters free chest enlargements and the abolishment of punishing notes. At the end she got 713 votes (thus only 1.8%). In November 2001 she communicated to the boulevard press that she is more schwanger. At the beginning of the yearly 2002 Katie provided for a scandal, when she communicated to the press that she wanted to transfer the birth by Internet live. The project let it fall then. To 27. May 2002 came its son Harvey in the Royal Sussex County hospital into Brighton to the world. Harvey, which was designated after its father, came blindly to the world, since its Sehnerv could not develop during the pregnancy “correctly”. In September 2002 it could be photographed naked for the Playboy. In the course of the yearly their first calendar appeared. In addition it began with singing instruction, in order to improve their voice. At the end of the yearly it could a malicious tumor (Leiomyosarkom) at the finger in the Nuffield hospital in Brighton be removed .

The television station Chanel 4 made an inquiry for 2003 and let the spectators on it decide, which British prominent one among the “100 Worst Britons incoming goods Love ton of Hate” (the hundred worst British, whom we hate gladly) rank. Katie Price reserves the second seat with this inquiry.

The BBC would send three documentations, which had the life of Katie Price to the topic within the last years. 2002 appeared the first part under the title “Jordan: The Truth About ME “. In the year 2004 “Jordan appeared: The Model Mum “and” Jordan: You Don't Even Know ME “. With the “Trilogie “the director smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Macer direction led.

To 22. May 2003 got it from the short relationship with Dwight Yorke, the football national player of Trinidad and Tobago, their first child. Harvey is incurably ill, supposed due to a genetic defect. It was born blindly, that optical Sehnerv did not develop correctly.

in the year 2004 it

played Katie and Peter Andre in the British expenditure of the transmission I is a star - Raus gets me here! (I'm A Celebrity, GET ME Out OF Here!) with. The spectator could observe with this transmission, like itself Katie Price under other prominent ones (among other things the former football player Neil Ruddock) holds back. In the transmission she became acquainted with the Popstar Peter Andre , with whom she was associated later. In May 2004 their first Autobiografie under the title “Being Jordan “appeared, those by the technical literature was positively evaluated.

In the course of the yearly 2004 a video appeared in the Internet that Katie Price shows with the Sex and Blowjob. This “Sex Tape” was stolen before from its car.

In February 2005 she communicated that she was more schwanger in the fifth month of Peter Andre. The 1.75 m large Katie took to 5. March 2005 in the transmission “Making Your Mind UP “part. It sang a song with the title “emergency Just Anybody “. In the transmission it reserved the second seat and could not therefore not its homeland Great Britain with Eurovision the Song Contest 2005 in the Ukraine represent. Won the British singer Javine Hylton, those with its song “Touch my fire “the 22. Place with Eurovision the Song Contest occupied.

To 13. June 2005 came her second child with the name junior Andre, designated to his father Peter Andre, to the world. To 10. September 2005 married it Peter in the Highclere Castle, Newbury, Berkshire.


  • 2002 - Jordan: The Truth About ME (TV-documentation)
  • 2002 - route OF Erotica (documentation, which was shown on the Erotica festival)
  • 2004 - Jordan: You Don't Even Know ME (TV-documentation)
  • 2004 - Jordan: The Model Mum (TV-documentation)
  • 2004 - “I'm A Celebrity, GET ME Out OF Here!” (TV-transmission)
  • 2004 - “Sex Tape”

in addition were Katie in several consequences of the TV-series Baywatch to see This Morning and The franc Skinner show.

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