Katja Husen

Katja Husen (* 12. June 1976 in Istanbul) is a German politician (alliance 90/Die the Green).

She is since 2002 a woman-Mrs. spokeswoman von Bündnis 90/Die the Green.

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livesand occupation

after the Abitur 1995 at the Kieler scholar school completed Katja Husen a study of biology at the technical University of Braunschweig and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which it 2001 as diploma - biologies terminated.

a party

since 1997 is Katja Husen memberwith alliance 90/Die the Green. It engaged itself first in the Green youth and was from 1998 to 2000 their spokeswoman of the Federal Administration. From 2001 to 2002 it belonged in addition to the land executive committee of the GAL in Hamburg .

Since 2001 Katja Husen member is in the presidency of theFederal woman advice of alliance 90/Die the Green.

To 8. December 2002 was selected it on the federal delegate conference of the Greens into the Federal Administration. Katja Husen sat down to 2. October 2004 with their re-election into the Federal Administration of alliance 90/Die the Green against the Haushaltsexpertin and regional chairmen of the GALHamburg, Anja Hajduk, through.


since 2004 is Katja Husen member of the Hamburgi citizenry and is a here health-political spokeswoman of the GAL citizenry parliamentary group.

Katja Husen drew over the national list into the citizenry.

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