Katja Kipping

Katja Kipping

Katja Kipping (* 18. January 1978 in Dresden) is a German politician of the left wing party Party of Democratic Socialism. She is a delegate of the German federal daily, the Saxonian federal state parliament and deputy chairmen of their party.

Katja Kipping completed first a study of the Slawistik, America sneezing TIC and to jurisprudence to DO Dresden. There she took part also in student protests for the improvement of the study conditions. 1998 took place their entrance into the Party of Democratic Socialism and it became already 1999 with 21 years town councillor in Dresden (main points of work: Small gardner, environment and traffic).

After the choice inthe Saxonian federal state parliament in September 1999 Katja Kipping became traffic political spokeswoman and Schatzmeisterin of the Party of Democratic Socialism federal state parliament parliamentary group and in addition spokeswoman of the passenger adviser of the railways Regio Saxonia. Since 2003 Katja Kipping is a deputy chairman of the left wing party Party of Democratic Socialism. In the same year a successful conclusion of their study took place.

In September 2004she was selected again into the Saxonian federal state parliament. Since December of the same yearly she is a spokeswoman of the German „network basic income “.

With the election to the Bundestag 2005 she achieved a Bundestag mandate over the Saxonian national list of the left wing party Party of Democratic Socialism (place 1).

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