Katrin Apel

Katrin Apel (* 4. May 1973 in Erfurt) is a German Biathletin.

From the poly-technical high school in Gräfenroda it changed at the child and youth sport school (KJS) in upper yard. 1989 began it at the educational technical school in Schmalkalden training as the educator, who successfully locked her 1993. Subsequently, it occurred the group of sport promotions of the German Federal Armed Forces and has at present the rank of a technical sergeant. It is associated with the Winterberger ski technician Thomas Burmann. Both live together in Gräfenroda.

Their sporty career began Katrin Apel as Langläuferin, after the qualification for the olympic winter plays, failed, 1994 in Lillehammer changed it into the camp of the Biathleten.

Already 1996 could achieve it with the Biathlon world championships in resting pole thing two gold medals in the relay and crew running. So far Katrin Apel could win altogether ten WM-medals, of it 4x gold. Also with olympic winter plays it was successful, won two gold, a silver and bronze medal.


  • olympic winter plays:
    • 1998: 1x gold (relay), 1x bronze (Sprint)
    • 2002: 1x gold (relay)
    • 2006: 1x silver (relay)
  • world championships:
    • 1996: 2x gold (relay, crew)
    • 1997: 1x gold (relay)
    • 1999: 1x gold (relay)
    • 2000: 2x silver (Sprint, relay)
    • 2001: 1x silver (relay)
    • 2004: 1x silver (mass start), 1x bronze (relay)
    • 2005: 1x silver (relay)
  • Gesamtweltcup:
    • 1x place 5 (2001/02)
  • Weltcupsiege:
    • 4 (conditions: 16. March 2005)

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