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Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Swabia
circle: Circle-free city
surface: 40.02 km ²
inhabitants: 42.581 (31. December 2003)
Population density: 1,065 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 681 to 860 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 87571 - 87600
preselections: 08341
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 47° 52 ' 48 " N, 10° 37 ' 21 " O
47° 52 ' 48 " N, 10° 37 ' 21 " O
Kfz characteristics: Key-field
municipality key: 09 7 62 000
of the city administration:
Emperor max road 1
87600 Kaufbeuren
official Website: City Kaufbeuren
E-Mail address:
mayor: Stefan Bosse

Kaufbeuren is a circle-free city in the general-outer in Bavarian swabia in the southwest Bayerns. It is completely surrounded by the district eastgeneral-outer.

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local parts


Kaufbeuren developed from a Frankish king yard, which was created around 740 as administrative seat and military retreat area the close border to the duchy Bavaria. The Mr. von Beuren, who were Gefolgsleute of the Welfen, had here toward end of the 11. Century their aristocracy seat. The first documentary mentionKaufbeurens was in the year 1126. End 12. Century came the city under the rule of the Staufer. From 1286 to 1803 Kaufbeuren was a free realm city. 1377 became the city of the duke Friedrich of Teck and 1388 of the Bavarian dukes in vainbesieged.1802 came it at Bavaria.


the inhabitants Kaufbeurens are by the majority catholic faith; besides there is a strong Evangelist minority ( since 1955 own Pfarramt in the quarter Neugablonz) and a Muslim minority of Turkish and Kurdish language since the reformation (Sunni mosque, alewitisches Cem house in Kempten). There are give Evangelist-freechurch, free ones Evangelist, Adventisti as well as russischsprachige Baptistengemeinde, a oldcatholic municipality and the church Jesu Christi of the holy ones of the last days. Besides the Creszentia exists in the old part of town of Kaufbeuren -Monastery. This is a Franziskanerinnen monastery.

In the environment Leinau a ökumenische Severins is - to community of the medal of haven Royal in the village.

partnerships between cities and sponsorships

culture and objects of interest

the five-button tower
the city hall


Kaufbeuren is admits for its ice hockey crew, the ESV Kaufbeuren, the 1994 initial member of the German ice hockey league already was and into thatPrevious years frequently first-class played.

economics and infrastructure

from the medieval textile handicraft and - trade developed in the first half 19. Century of Christoph Friedrich Heinzelmann (1786 - 1847) and other members of established buyer families in the year 1839 created and 2005 insolvent mechanical cotton spinning mill and - weaving mill Momm. Besides forms the traditional brewing trade in Kaufbeuren of up to temporarily 16 breweries, from which only the share brewery still exists, a regional restaurant factor, of of the. Up to the end of the cold war possessed also between 1933 and1935 furnished, since the 1980er only as training center used air base in the quarter Oberbeuren an economic meaning. From the former typewriter manufacturing of the company Alpina, who was bought up by Olympia, a medium-size electronic industry in automation developed -, measuring and in the 1970er and 1980er Automatic control.

The traffic route of the city is not good particularly. The nearest motorway, the A96, is approx. 13km von Kaufbeuren removes. The supply is relative to the A96 with the B12 well developed, it can however a motorway not replace. The railway binding of Kaufbeurenis centralmagnificent. Long-distance trains do not hold in the city. As replacement for the painted InterRegio of the railways, now the general outer express keeps, short Alex in Kaufbeuren.

Due to the situation in the erweitereten catchment area of Munich and the rather bad economic situation there are numerous commuters.

In Neugablonzexisted from 1939 a factory to that dynamite AG and then starting from 1945 glass, metal and decoration industry.


of sons and daughters of the city

of the physicists William mill ago and the politics policies, sociologist and theologian Wolfgang Gessenharter as well as the theologians Maria CreszentiaHöss, Äbtissin in the monastery Kaufbeuren and Jakob Brucker, the name giver of the Jakob bridging he High School, originate from Kaufbeuren.

Entrepreneur, like the liberal politician in the Bavarian federal state parliament Christoph Friedrich Heinzelmann (1786-1847), the inventor of the mobile tower crane Hans dear gentleman, after that the 2. World war active JohannNepomuk Glöggler and politicians such as walter Riester or the feeler gauge Rudolf Rössler were born in Kaufbeuren.

By the ESVK the ice hockey players Peter Ustorf, Sebastian Furchner, started Didi preserving, their career; in addition, other sportsmen like the Rallyefahrerin Andrea Mayer (e.g. Rallye Dakar) and the separating judge Hermann Albrecht began in Kaufbeuren.

The writers Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Ludwig Ganghofer, Sophie of La Roche and Künstler like the Bildschnitzer Jörg Lederer (* around 1470 in feet or Kaufbeuren - † around 1550 in Kaufbeuren), the Renaissance sculptor Loy herring originate likewise from Kaufbeuren,


regular meetings

the Tänzelfest take place annually in July before summer holidays. It is considered as the oldest child celebration in Bavaria. Take place removals and meetings in traditional medieval costumes, regarding(historically secured) the attendance of emperor Maximilian in 15. Century.

  • Ostallgäuer autumn week
  • departure paging Kaufbeurer carnival

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