India rubber boom

the india rubber boom was the time between end 19. Century and 1910, in which the city became one from in Brazil by the production of india rubber, world-wide well-known and above all rich. Around 1890 a large city with broad roads, an electrical streetcar and electrical road lamps became from the small village one from. The india rubber boom met also the colony at that time the Congo of the king Leopold II. of Belgium, which permitted such cruel excesses to the exploitation of this resources that they provided as “Congo atrocity so mentioned 1908 internationally for attention and indignation and were forced Leopold to the delivery the Congo as “normal” colony to the Belgian state.

The discovery of the curing by Charles Goodyear led enormous growth after 1839 to the demand of india rubber. Soon india rubber was an important raw material of many products of the industrialization.

The india rubber boom was coined/shaped straight by the extravagante way of life of the india rubber barons. The picture a cigar with cash notes to ignite became thereby admits. Waldemar Scholz was suitable lions, a motorboat and a yacht on. A further baron let a palace for its horses build, which became so impressive that it drew in. In one from foreigners lived in the boom time up to five per cent.

The high point of the Extravaganz represented a building of the Teatro Amazon . As large opera house in the middle in the Amazon, it consisted to a majority of imported building means, among other things Italian marble. This building cost approx. two million dollar, an enormous sum for conditions at that time.

The india rubber boom ended twenty years after that to 1876 Henry Wickham of Dr. Joseph Hoocker was assigned to collect seeds of the india rubber tree. Henry Wickham created it over seventy thousand seeds to collect, from which over two thousand trees in the colonies of England in Asia grew up. The price of the india rubber began to sink 1910 and led to the panic among the india rubber barons. Asia had broken up to then the monopolistic position open of Brazil and ended the india rubber boom thereby.

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