Kavala (griech. Καβάλα, also Kawalla mentioned) is, a modern handels and port lain in 53 m height in north Greece in the province Macedonia.

It is principal place of the prefecture (district, griech. Nomós) Kavala. The city of north Greece second largest after Thessaloniki has about 70000Inhabitant (2003). It possesses the main port of east Macedonia, been because of the ägäischen sea Ägäis. Twin city in Germany is since 1998 Nuremberg.

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was created Kavala in the 6.Jhd. v.Chr. of Greek inhabitants of the neighbouring island Thassos as “Neapolis” (new city). To prosperity Kavala came by gold finds in the Pangaion - mountains. 168 v.Chr. Kavala was raised to the city (civitas). In the Byzantine epoch it became“Christoupolis” (Christ city) renamed. The Venitianer fastened Kavala during its short occupation their peninsula Panagia with a castle. The today's names comes of its importance as important post office station, at which the horses (Italian “cavallo”) were changed. In the year 49 after Christi Apostel Paulus in the today's wentKavala ashore and created the first Christian municipality in Philippi on European soil. Still around 1900 Kavala was a rather insignificant settlement with approx. 6,000 inhabitants. Kavala was part of the Osmani realm (Ottomani realm) from 1371 to 1912. The founder of the EgyptianKhediven dynasty Muhammad Ali pasha was born here 1769. The aquaduct restored Süleyman I. originating from the Roman time. the magnificent one, which coins/shapes the Siluette of the city just like the castle today. After the Greek-Turkish war 1922 Greek evacuees from small Asia in Kavala settled and baseVillages in the environment, where they began also with the cultivation of tobacco. By the processing and shipment of the tobacco Kavala attained a certain meaning.


  • center
  • Agia Varvara
  • of agio Athanasios
  • of agio Ioannis
  • of agio Loukas
  • Chilia
  • Kalamitsa
  • Neapoli
  • Panagia
  • Perigiali
  • Profitis Ilias
  • Timios Stavros
  • Vyrona

population trend

Year population change urban population change
1981 56.705 - - -
1991 56.571 136/0,24% 60.187 -
2001 - - of 63.774 3.587/5,96%

twin cities

sons and daughters of the city

Touristi objects of interest

port with driving connections after Thassos and Samothrake:

Panoramablick auf den Hafen von Kavala, den Haupthafen Ostmakedoniens
Panorama view of the port of Kavala, the main port of east Macedonia

two-story aquaduct:

Zweistöckiger Aqädukt aus römischer Zeit in Kavala
Two-story Aqädukt outRoman time in Kavala

further objects of interest:

  • Castellet (citadel) from Byzantine time (approx. 16. Century) at place of the antique Akropolis
  • Imaret former old and student home, bath (Hamam), mosque and arm supply with domes and several inner courts
  • birth house pashas of the Mehmet Ali, founder thatlast Egyptian king dynasty
  • the Marienkirche from that 15. Century
  • coming acre, a Roman aquaduct, reconstructs by Süleyman I. the magnificent one in 16. Century
  • Panagia the old Turk quarter with steep lanes
  • Nestos

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coordinates: 40° 56 ′ N, 24° 24 ′ O


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