Kaya Yanar

Kaya Yanar (* 20. May 1973 in Frankfurt/Main) is Turkish a German Komiker and television moderator - Arab origin. It described its education in the interview with Johannes B. Kerner as quite liberal. He speaks also no Turkish.

Became does Yanar admit particularly by the Comedysendung which looks you?, in which it plays with the plates of all cultural groups. There it is both moderator and leading actor of most Sketche. According to own statement it created it only in months-long work and including a fellow student, who spoke, itself the Pidgin even in such a way - English of Indian coinage to acquire, which it for playing its probably most well-known role, which needs the Indian Ranjid, which is always with its cow Benita on the way.

Afterwards also there it went into Frankfurt/Main to the school and studied phonetics, America sneezing TIC and philosophy.

Yanar will presumably suspend its show in the year 2006, in order to have time for the trick more near of a film not described yet.


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