the term cone (of medium high German: cone „club, stick, wood figure, icicle “) marks

  • a geometric body, which by circular area and one point outside of the area level in the landläufigen sense, which is limited for point: Cone (geometry)
  • to cones (cone play) belongingbottle-like formed figure from wood or plastic:Cones (kind of sport)
  • in the pressure nature the expansion of a Drucktype, by which the size of the printed writing is determined: Cone (pressure)
  • an illegitimate child, z. B. in the idiom with child and cone.


  • harsh ore cone (1920-1990), German concert and opera conductor
  • Karl cone (1876-1959), German mining engineer
  • truck cone (1901-1980), private Sammlerin of African art
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