Keiko Agena

Keiko Agena (* 3. October 1973 on Honolulu, Hawaii) is an US-American actress, who obtained its break-through with the series „Gilmore Girls “.


began Keiko at the age of ten years on a small Theaterbühne. She discovered her talent and began, supported from their parents to participate in pronouncing and participate in plays.

Their Highschool conclusion right after studied Keiko „drama “at „the Whitman college “in Washington. 1993 ergattertet it a guest appearance in the series „Renegade “. Afterwards roles in „Emergency Room followed “(1998), „Beverly Hills, 90210 “(1999) and 1999-2000 in „Felicity “. In the year 2000 she finally successfully called for „the Gilmore Girls “. It brought all conditions for the role of the Lane Kim also. Serienerfinderin Amy Sherman Palladino liked Keikos „Furchtlosigkeit, mixed with intelligence, charm and energy “, why she also got the role. Also with the critics Keiko Agena fared well. 2002 won it the Young kindist Award as the best Nebendarstellerin in a series. Keiko lives to time in California (Los Angeles), where the series Gilmore Girls is also turned, with two cats and their friend, which possess a trend Shop.

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