Kelly Chen

Kelly Chen (* 13. September 1973) is one particularly in Hong Kong famous Chinese singer (Cantopop) and actress.

Kelly Chen went first into Hong Kong to the primary school, then on the Kobe Canadian Academy High School into Japan. On the Parsons School OF Design in New York town center made it your conclusion the Grafikdesignerin.

Except in Hong Kong and the People's Republic China, is well-known it also in Taiwan, Japan, and among usually Chinese immigrants in North America.

As a Honk Kong Chinese its native language is Cantonese. In addition she speaks flowing high-Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean.

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as a born Hong Kong Chinese is expressed their civil name in the Cantonese one “Chan Wai Lam ”. Many internationally active Chinese give themselves beyond that English name, which is to be expressed for non--Chinese better.


1995 them appeared the first time in the film Xian Yue Piao Piao (Heavenly music Floating into the air). Since then it has again and again small and large roles in films like e.g.:

  • Whatever wants, wants (仙樂飄飄, 1995)
  • draws to and Found (天涯海角, 1996)
  • Anna Magdalena (安娜瑪德蓮娜, 1998)
  • Hot was (幻影特攻, 1998)
  • Metade Fumaca (半支煙, 1999) - Cameo
  • Tokyo Raiders (東京攻略, 2000)
  • and I Hate You like that (小親親, 2000)
  • Lavender (薰衣草, 2000)
  • Calmi Couri Appassionati (冷靜與熱情之間, 2001)
  • Merry Go Round (初戀拿喳麵, 2001) - Cameo
  • Infernal Affairs (無間道, 2002)
  • Infernal Affairs III (無間道 III, 2003)
  • Breaking news (大事件, 2004)
  • super Model (我要做 Model, 2004) - Cameo


During their career of many years also many music albums were published, sung by it both in Cantonese, high-Chinese, Japanese and English.

Traditionally rather electronic Technosounds to attribute, was determined their music with beginning of this decade ever more by Pop sounds, every now and then Balladen, R'n'B and thanks

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