Ken Bardowicks

Ken Bardowicks (* 10. November 1978 in Wiesbaden) is a German charm artist.

1996 experienced Ken Bardowicks admission into the magic circle by 2. Place during the preliminary decision of the German championship in the youth section. For the away and further training he visited the the moon Jones School OF MIME and Physical Theatre in London from 1998-1999. This should disburse itself in the year 2002 as it a German master in the section of general magic with lecture became. Into the Hague Ken Bardowicks was lent finally 2003 the title world-best conditions of a UP charm artist and to 2004 was nominated it for the Prix Pantheon renowned internationally.

At present Bardowicks with the British Komikern Marks roasting clay/tone and Steve Rawlings tourt as “3 Gentlemen” with the Comedyprogramm of the same name by Germany.


  • of German masters general magic with lecture 2002
  • 2.Platz Parlour Magic FISM 2003 (world championships of the charm art)
  • German Kabarettpreis 2005 - special price

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