Ken Norton

Ken Norton
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birth name Kenneth Howard Norton
weight class heavyweight
nationality US-American
birthday 9. August 1943
place of birth Jacksonville
day of death
death place
style link rushing situation
of size 1.91 m
combat statistics
of fights of 50
victories 42
KO of victories 33
defeats 7
undecided 1
no valuation

Ken Norton, actually Kenneth Howard Norton (* 9. August 1943 in Jacksonville, Illinois, the USA), was an US-American Schwergewichtsboxer.


Norton already was it to the Jacksonville High School an outstanding athlete. Its Leichtathletiktrainer announced it once at a match for eight different disciplines and it won five away and became at three second. Since then the “knowing local on rule” applies in Illinois that an athlete may be announced only for three matches. Norton began with US navy Corps (Marineinfantrie) with that boxes. 1967 he became professional. It showed also here good Athletik and condition, had however always problems with its weak chin, then it went to the only 86 kg against heavy Venezuelaner Jose Garcia of cost. Nevertheless it had a renowned coach, who cared for also Joe Frazier with Eddie Futch. it fought to 1973 for the first time in a non--title fight against Muhammad Ali. The fight in San Diego was not sells off, to Norton was considered only as stopover of a comeback of Ali. Norton broke Ali in one of the first rounds the lower jaw and won at the end with a “Split Decision”, thus to a decision, with which only two of the three Ringrichter were correct for him.

Six months later the back fight took place; this time Ali won, also with a Split Decision. However were many the opinion that Norton had won also this fight.

To 26. March 1974 fought to Norton against George Foreman for the world championship and went in the second round K.O..

Two years later it had opportunity, in a third fight against Ali, which had surprisingly struck Foreman, in order to fight the world championship, and lost again to points. Although the decision was this time unanimous, it is considered as one of the two most disputed results in Alis career (the other one was the fight against Jimmy Young). Most had the feeling, Norton the fight would have won. It is considered to Alis as a “fear opponent”; its box style was not appropriate for this, because it struck much and made pressure, which could not use bad chin of Norton Ali in such a way as moderate Puncher.

Thereupon Norton struck “white hope” Duane Bobick (balance 38-0!) in the first round heavily cost.

Norton celebrated the second really large victory of its career then to points against Jimmy Young.

1978 should Leon Spinks actually against Norton boxes, preferred it however to fight against Ali. Therefore the WBC, the World Boxing Council, extracted the title from it. To 18. March 1978 made the WBC history, by appointing Norton without title fight the world champion. They explained simply an earlier fight Nortons against Jimmy Young as the title fight.

However Norton should keep the title not for a long time. In its first title defense it met on Larry of cross-beam. After a brutal fight over 15 rounds won cross-beam scarcely with a Split Decision.

Norton is today singular until among all heavyweight champions, because he was world champion, without only one title fight to have won. 1981 withdrew Norton from the box haven, after he against Gerry Cooney in the first round K.O. went. He became an actor, had however then a heavy car accident, which registered temporary psychological and permanent physical damage to him. Norton is in that internationally Boxing resounds to OF Fame and its son, Ken Norton Jr., played American football in that national football League, won the Superbowl with the Dallas cowboys. (NFL).

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