Jamhuri ya Kenya (Kisuaheli)
Republic of OF Kenya (English)
Republic of Kenya
Flagge Kenias Wappen Kenias
(detail) (detail)
Wahlspruch: „Harambee “
Kisuaheli, „let us co-operate “
office language Swahili, English
capital Nairobi
system of government Präsidialrepublik
president Mwai Kibaki
surface 582,646 km ²
number of inhabitants 33,829,590 (conditions July 2005)
population density of 55 inhabitants per km ²
gros domestic product/inhabitant 618 US-$ (2006)
independence from Great Britain to 12. December 1963
currency Kenya Schilling (KES)
time belt UTC +3
national anthem Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu
Kfz characteristic EAK
Internet TLD .ke
preselection +254
Karte Afrika, Kenia hervorgehoben
Karte von Kenia

Kenya [ˈkeːni̯a] (Swahili, English.: Kenya [ˈkɛnjə, ˈkiːnjə]) is a state in East Africa. It borders on the Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda and the Indian ocean.

National holiday is the 12. December.

Table of contents

the country Kenya


rift becomes national the Valley, a part East Africa niches of the Grabenbruchs, pulled through by. The highest collection findswith 5.199 m in the Mount Kenya massif, the deepest point is itself with 0 m to 480 km is enough for coast of the Indian ocean; there partial Korallenbänke is pre-aged. The longest rivers of the country are: Tana, Athi and Kerio.

administrative arrangement

the state is divided into the seven provinces and a district:

  • Cent ral,
  • Coast,
  • Eastern,
  • North Eastern,
  • Nyanza,
  • rift Valley and
  • Western as well as
  • Nairobi, the capital district.


thoselargest cities are (conditions 1. January 2005):

See also: List of the cities in Kenya

of national park

Kenya possesses a multiplicity on National park, which represent an important support leg for the tourism. The most well-known and largest national park of Kenya is the Massai Mara, the northern Ausläufer of the Serengeti. Here one particularly finds a large animal wealth in the months July and August,under the breath-robbing herd migrations, with which usually the entire horizon is scattered with thousands and thousands Gnus, Zebras, Antilopen, buffalos and Impalas. Smaller important of national park are Tsavo east and west, Amboseli, Kimana and Meru. The national park is just as worth seeing in Nairobi, a smaller animal-rich reservation in the midst of the capital. Anywhere probably otherwise one cannot observe giraffes and elephants so closely before a Grossstadtskyline.


large groups of peoples

Kenya takes with approximately 33 million inhabitants (2005) rank36 under all countries of the earth. The average life expectancy is at approximately 47 years.

The country becomes from different

  • Bantuvölkern (Kikuyu, Luhya, Kamba, Kisii)
  • as well as unite nilotischen and hamito nilotischen (Kalenjin, Luo, Massai, Iteso) peoples inhabits.
  • Besides there are still smaller ethnical groups like the el-Molo, Njemps and Rendille, which belong to the original group of inhabitants of the Kuschiten. The el-Molo at the door kana lake e.g. hardly still 1,000 Anghörige have and to mixitself so with the surrounding Ethnien that they will probably become extinct. The northeast of the country is inhabited predominantly by Somalis.

At the coast there are Arab, Indian because of the contacts over lake up to Chinese groups and interferences.

From recent history (the colonial age) naturally also Europeans are to be found to predominantly English origin.

peoples, languages and dialects

the most important speaking of altogether 52 Volksguppen (the linguists completely exactly 61 language variants inclusive lead. Indian dialectson):

  • Gikuyu language of the largest group of peoples, around Nairobi (41%); famous Kikuyus: Jomo Kenyatta, Mwai Kibaki, Wangari Muta leading seaman shark and Ngugi wa Thiong'o.
  • Luhya language of the second largest group of peoples of the same name (14%) in the west around Kakamega (province capital) comprehensively from severalLanguages e.g.Bukusu, Maragoli, Tiriki.
  • Luo, the language of the third biggest Ethnie (13%), is spoken at the Viktoriasee around Kisumu. Famous Luos: Oginga Odinga and Tom Mboya.
  • Kalenjin is several languages a comprehensive language's group (11%), z. B.the Tugen, which language of the Ethnie, from which the second president Daniel comes of arap to Moi. Most of the Kenyan “miracle runners” are Kalenjin, particularly from the Ethnie of the Nandis.
  • Kamba, the Kikuyu related, becomes from 11% of the populationeast the Mount Kenya spoken.
  • The language of the Maas (s) ai and related peoples like the Samburu or Njemps is the Maa.
  • English the official office language is far common and.
  • Swahili or Kisuaheli, is the second office language of Kenya; it becomes onthe coast around Mombasa e.g. with the Giriamas spoken. Kisuaheli is simultaneous lingua franca East Africa. In Kenya it is particularly on the country to most spoken language. The most well-known words from the Kisuaheli probably are with us jambo (greeting), safari (journey), simba (lion) or hakuna matata (no problem). Also malaika (my angel) - a Kenyan Popsong - might e.g. by Miriam Makebas Song admits its.
  • Indian dialects of the “Asians” Indian mentioned in the country.
  • Sheng is the youth language.


70% of the population are Christians, of it 53% trailer of the African churches, furthermore Protestanten different over 200. 24.86% of the total population are catholics. At least 18% are added to trailers of traditional African religions. Besides givesit over 9% Muslims of the Sunni direction, particularly at the coast.

to history

see history of Kenya


see to politics of Kenya

current policy

ways corruption reproaches became 2005/06 of ten Ministers to dismiss orwithdrew because of larger financial scandals (Anglo leasing scandal and golden mountain scandal) even. Loyalty out lacking the Minister dismissed for the government of president Kibaki 2006 were: Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Najib Balala, Anyang' Nyon'go, William oils Ntimama and Mrs. Jebii Kilimo. Those withdrew were educating Minister George Saitoti, Kiraitu Murungi, David Mwiraria and Chris Murungaru.

To 22. March 2006 stepped (after the popular vote over the new condition, failed for the government) ofPresident Kibaki gave time off parliament to the ninth period together. Kibaki expressed itself for new condition and positively to the fight against the corruption. It affirmed the Pressefreiheit (it referred here to the “storm to the standard”, sees themselves further below), reminded thosePress however at the same time for responsibility.

storm on The standard

in March 2006 came it to a quite mysterösen assault of a special-purpose force of the police on the daily paper The standard and their television station KTN. With the police action those ranusual monitoring cameras further. The special-purpose force forgot to seize the videos and these pictures were sent on the next day on the television and could be downloaded world-wide by the Website standard. Everyone could see a spectacular police action nearly live, with thatthe policemen believed themselves completely unobserved. Equipment was seized and burned newspapers. The TV-transmission was interrupted. The reason for the attack gave the Minister of Justice later: Suspicion on anarchist activities. The newspaper had expenditure-chatted that itself Kibaki with Kalonzo Musyoka,one of his strongest political opponents secretly in the president palace to have met should. The opposition opposed.

the Armenia Connection

in this connection two brothers, Armenian businessmen, to be in March 2006 of Raila Odinga and other one publicly accused of, criminal ones,with drugs to act and in the assault on the standard takes part to have been. Indeed with the police action on the films of the current monitoring cameras, kommandierender man had been lightmore membranous to see. The government was accused of, the twoto cover. The brothers again accused Odinga of from them large sum of money to have borrowed themselves - without each receipt. One of the brothers, Artur Margaryan, indicated to be related to the Armenian prime minister, was enough in Nairobi officiallyComplaint because of slandering and repayment of the “credit”.

These difficult and serious efforts and developments to a democratic state are hardly noticed in the west. AIDS, poverty, disasters and corruption overlay this sprouting and self-confident bürgerschaftliche commitment mostly.

Work on []

Hunger emergency in the north

at present (January 2006) suffers the northeast under the consequences of a Dürre with the lack of food exerted by it, by which also in the adjacent countries up to 3 million humans are threatened.

It becomes among other things thoseto develop readiness lacking of the government responsible made the roads reasonably and/or. to maintain. It has also misses warnings and referring to this coming misery to realize and the food surplus harvested in the fruitful part of Kenya to return.

Further are preceding foreign remedial measuresto pull counter productive, there humans to be tempted into these areas, although such population quantities cannot at all be nourished there. Also the impossibility for the farmers their quite obtained surplus products producing in the fruitful region of Kenya rises from these two factors profitablyto transport there and set off for it worthwhile. It is to be even attributed to such bad states at present that in a region food surplus is obtained, one these however rather seed let must as them other subpopulations accessible to make, even if the government nowfinally begins much too late these surplus to buy up.

Supplementing still the ausufernde aminal husbandry is added in the region concerned, there it traditionally only to the proof of the wealth of the owner serves and not the self-supply or the sales and one intoHunger times rather the cattle to die lets slaughter as it to the nutrition because of.

At the beginning of of April came it generally speaking country, pleasing way also in the northern regions, where the hunger emergency prevailed, approximately in the areas of Isiolo, Moyale and Maralal to floodings e.g. the river Ewaso Nyiro. In Nairobi 54.5 mm of rain, record, fell since one measures. Many roads in the Slums and in the industrial area were flooded, often, because the conduit-type sewers were clogged. Some humans died inthe tides. Houses were destroyed, remained cars and LKWs putting. Several places in the north were also not to be achieved more with the all wheel car; the army used helicopters for supply dr population. Also in the well-known Samburu Lodge mud masses penetratedinto the rooms of tourists, who were however straight on a Pirschfahrt.

aircraft crash with peace mission

an airplane misfortune of large extent shocked to 10. April 2006 the country, as five years old, few flown, Y-12-Militärmaschine (a ChineseProduction) with stormy weather and fog in close proximity to Marsabit with the second approach flight with 17 persons on board into a hill rests. The airplane burned out immediately completely. The fast here-hurrying aids heard from the inside a knocking, could however due tothe large heat pull nobody out. Those first four survivors, who had sat all in the trunk of the airplane, could still jump out. Einer Bon noch ihnen starb auf dem Flug nach Nairobi ins Hospital.

14 persons died altogether. The families, the parliamentand the government by the death of four (Assistant) Ministers, six parliamentarians, a anglikanischen bishop, government employee and crew members were met. The whole group was on the way, in order to lead peace discussions with disliked nomadischen clan. In the Turbi massacre, where it around cattle theft,To pastureland and water laws went, 2005 with fights between disliked Ethnien 90 humans around the life had come. Three of the killed politicians represented and for a long time disliked clan settled here. MP Dr.Bonaya Godana was a Gabbra, MP Abdi Sasura a Borana and a Assistant Minister Titus Ngoyoni a Rendille. Only since short they had come to work for the peace in the region together. Since nearly all dead ones in the airplane originated from this area, the province lost alsoan impact a majority of their heavyweighty political elite.

President Kibaki arranged three days state mourning; the parliament interrupted its work for a week, a government and an opposition pointed oneself united to mourning. The parliament president Francis oils cape aero fallow in tears out,as it a journalist about the tragedy to inform wanted. The parliament interrupted its work; this had only once occurred, 1975, as which MP (Member OF Parliament) for Nyandarua North, MP Josiah Mwangi Kariuki, one had murdered.

Investigations throughthe military and the Chinese manufacturer resulted in that the pilot has not might land in the stormy weather without automatic landing system. As the newspaper revealed “The standard”, the experienced pilot had one night long the victory of its football crew Manchester Unitedover arsenal in a Nobelbar of Nairobi with beer begossen. The result blood test is still pending. Source:


overview and concrete cases

corruption, more exactly political corruption, can in independent Kenya in allGovernment periods of the three past presidents Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki to be observed. In the corruption index Kenya under 159 countries at 144 ranks. Place. An estimation means that the average Kenyan city dweller 16 times per month captivates, e.g. Policeman at road blocks. Surely are to search most of these bribes small and not always in the political area. Into the large cases of corruption, there is bribery, Verschwendungen or branches of funds with completely made too expensive business, was not only businessmen, but always also government agencies, partly inlarge extent, entangles. In the following business, which could be partly prevented, it always concerned corruption suspicion and large sums.

  • Redundant service contract for Puma helicopters with the South African company Denel aviation.
  • Flat to the purchase of Czech fighter planes.
  • Flat to threeTimes too expensive purchase of warships at the company Euromarine, which belongs to the Anura Pereira entangled into cases of corruption.
  • The notorious Kenyan business man Chamanlal Khamani supplied than 1000 Mahindra jeeps for the police force with his company Kampsons of engine more to onesixfold made too expensive price, although the vehicles came in addition still taxfree into the country.
  • Khamani was also involved with the planned purchase of a forensischen laboratory for the secret police (Criminal Investigations department, CID) as well as for the development project of the company Infotalent of system private Limited,that the police with computers and monitoring cameras for Nairobi to be equipped should.
  • The prison administration lost 3 million USD to the company Hallmark of international, which belong to Deepak Khamani of Kampsons of engine. Only half of 30 storage water heaters were delivered and camenon as contractually agrees - from the USA, but from India.
  • The Nexus project in Karen/Nairobi stood under the responsibility of general Joseph Kibwana and presently/immediately by Colonel Philip Kameru is led. The project should serve as secret military communication center,but until today there still no further soldier is to be seen. The buildings were established by a dummy firm named Nedermar BV Technologies (alleged originating from the Netherlands). The company is located probably in connection with that already admitted Anura Pereira, to thathowever denies.
  • The local section (“more chapter”) of Transparency international and the Kenya national Commission on human Rights (KNCHR), a government commission3, noted in a report from February 2006 that the government Kibaki more than 12 million USD forLuxury bodies of the type Mercedes Benz, country Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, rank Rover, Nissan Terrano and Nissan Patrol spent. Since they were used predominantly for the private use by leading government employees, the suspicion of enriching is present. The sum for the purchasethis car exceeds the expenditures, which Kenya spent in the year 2003/04 on the fight against the malaria, nevertheless largest the cause of death and illness in Kenya.

golden mountain scandal

in the so-called. Golden mountain scandal lost Kenya at the beginning of the nineties 700 millionEUR by falsified gold and diamond exports.

Anglo leasing scandal

with the Anglo leasing scandal (where it with 30 Mill. EUR to a third around the acquisition of falsification safe identity cards went) disappeared to about 85 million EUR through additional financial transfers onto a set ofDummy firms.


the current policy is strongly busy with the argument around the corruption. Two bodies fight the corruption apart from the press and the social groupings officially:

  • „Publicly accounts the Committee “(PAC) - a committee of the parliament- stands under the direction of Uhuru Kenyatta.
  • The Kenya anti-corruption Commission (KAAC) is led by a director, since 2005 the judge Aaron Ringera. This commission stood for that starting from 2003 under the line of the undersecretary of state John Githongo,due to threats for his life was afraid and 2005 into the self-chosen exile to London went.



of Kenya gross national product grew in the last decades compared with other African states above average. There alsothe population growth was above average, this not in a substantial improvement of the living conditions of most Kenianer did not settle.

agriculture and fishery

far more than half of the Kenianer live on the agriculture, but are only about 20%the surface of the country usable. The remainder is because of meager soils or to small precipitation usually breaking or mountain country. Beside coffee and dte also sisal and Pyrethrum , which serve as basis of many insect fight means, are cultivated.

Besides humans producemainly for the internal requirement corn, wheat, barley, Zuckerrohr, beans, bananas, rice, pineapple and cotton.

In the Viehwirtschaft are prevailing the fattening and milk cattle. The larger enterprises in the high country of Kenya have a goodLevel of development reaches. Extensive cattle -, sheep -, goats - and even camel - herds must be nourished with the meager means of the country.

Much forest area stands under nature protection. Accordingly are the bamboo forests for the paper industry and the crust of the acacias (as Gerbstoff used) in the open land of importance rather subordinated.

power supply

energy is produced with oil power stations, in addition, hydro-electric power plants are in the use.


slight occurrences at Bodenschätzen have Bodenschätze Kenya. One wins in considerable quantity soda ash(e.g. in the Magadi lake) and salt, beside it small quantities of gypsum, lead, gold, silver, copper, asbestos, limestone, graphite and fluor-spar, Kieselgur, Seifenstein.

foreign trade

Kenya lives on the coffee- and dte - export, of the industry (construction of vehicles and machine, textile and clothing, nutrition and luxury) and of the tourism (national park and game reservations). The trade with ivory and the firing of elephants are forbidden.

In the last years could inresembles mass, as the coffee at meaning lost, which flowers - wins industry. Kenya replaced 2003 Israel as a largest flower exporter of the world. Many flowers, particularly roses, which we can buy here in Germany/Europe, have the long flight route of the equatorbehind itself.

From the Viehwirtschaft come butter, meat, skins and skins into the export.


1992 and 2000 the portion of the public expenditures for the health service


the curriculum orients itself at the so-called. 8-4-4-System, which replaced the colonial educational system with its eurozentristischen contents, i.e. 8 years primary school, 4 years High School and 4 years university.

Each year appears between the schoolsexciting match around the highest scores in the national competition instead of. The media report in detail and with sensitive Homestories on the proud winners and winner inside. The best pupils of the country receive an ox or a university scholarship from the president already times.


kindergartens and Vorschulerziehung (Preschool education) are usually to the cities limited and liable to pay the costs. They are usually required by education-strong and wealthier parents' houses. Some the kindergartens e.g. work. after the Montessori Pädagogik.

eight-year old primary school

particularlyon the country many primary schools became after the Harambee - principle maintain, i.e. parents financed it by donations themselves. This school were poor in each regard. This situation improved only, as 2003 the government Kibaki their choice promise redeemed and thatSchool money for the “Primary Schools” abolished. Thus it made for the first time the entrance possible to the education for children from poorer families. Went suddenly 1.7 million children more to the school. However investments in the education sector were missing, and the educational system is hardly in the conditions to become fair the rising number of pupils.

Teachers - pupil relationship is on 1:100 pleases, a qualitatively good instruction is hardly possible therefore. Besides the number of the teachers decreases continuously. And who a halfway acceptable teacher pupil relationfor its children ascend to let further, is further forced its children against appropriate school money on one of the many Privatschulen with contently gives only after the paper its a class does not wish itself better success in learning and resulting from it childrento send.

resumptions schools

resumption schools (class 9,-12) are quasi comprehensive schools and liable to pay the costs. Their carriers are the State of, large organizations like e.g. the churches or private individuals. The two latters are generally called Privatschulen. Due to thatCosts are inaccessible these schools for large parts of the population, even if the Privatschulen scholarships assign. Some schools like star marriage the Boys Centre accept free of charge only talented children from the Slums. It is quite of advantage one that usuallysince years famous elite schools (as for instance the Alliance High School) to have visited.

professional training

a professional training, as it admits in Germany for instance after the binary system or in Technical High Schools surface covering is, does not exist in Kenya. Eithertakes place a kind training in the enterprise (in service training) or at a private Insituten, approximately for KfZ mechanics, numerous in the cities, Frisöre or computer specialists. All these training cost money. A hardware specialist e.g. becomes. trained in Nairobi for 2.000 EUR in 18 months. Sotraining increases the chances on the free market enormously.

Universities of

the few best pupils receive free study places at the five national universities. Who is less “good”, is dependent on the liable to pay the costs (international) private universities. At the universitiesit is missing to more frequently on necessary funds, therefore strikes of the lecturers or students are frequent.

Still it draws the elite of the country (or communities, which apply the money over Harambee) forwards, their children in UK or the USA studies tooleave. Some come to the study also to Germany. A foreign study usually gives them a starting advantage with the job search. Some courses of studies can be occupied also only abroad, like e.g. Language therapy.

scientific research institutes

in numerous institutesand programs usually Africa-specifically one researches.

  • ICIPE, (internationally Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology) in Nairobi
  • KIOF, (Kenya Institut for organic Farming)



  • Abdilatif Abdalla (* 1946)
  • Carolyne Abdalla *
  • Karen Blixen alias Tania Blixen
  • Jennifer Bobito
  • Rocha Chimera
  • Jane Tapsubei Creider
  • Valerie Cuthbert
  • Monicah Genya
  • Corney Gichuki
  • Jomo Kenyatta
  • Mary Kize
  • Muthoni Likimani
  • Lily Mabura
  • Marjorie Oludhe MacGoye
  • Omondi Mak'Oloo
  • Hazel Mugo
  • Micere Githae Mugo (* 1942)
  • Meja Mwangi (* 1948)
  • Lydiah Mumbi Nguya
  • Rebeka Njau (* 1930)
  • Stella Kahaki Njuguna
  • Asenath Bole Odaga
  • Margaret Ogola
  • Grace Ogot (* 1930)
  • Moyez C. Vassanje
  • Jameela Saddiqi
  • Charity Waciuma
  • Ngugi wa Mirii (* 1951)
  • Ngugiwa Thiongo (* 1938)
  • Miriam Were

museums and archives

particularly interesting and importantly is national the save-spreading Nairobi museum, where nature historical, zoo-logical, anthropologische, cultural or historical aspects are treated.

Further museums can in Nairobi visitedbecome, so the Karen Blixen museum, the Railway museum or national the Archives

music and dance

particularly Nairobi offers frequent national or international music, dance and acrobat IC shows, is it in large hotels, theatre play places, schools or cultural centers.The tradition the Bomas OF Kenya is used up.

Kenya has a rich choir music scene with a strong stress on religious singing. Choirs

acquaintance and popular Kenyan singers are: Susan Awiyo, Merry Johnson, Alex and Merry Ominde, Kim4Love, Necessary Noize (singer:Nazizi), Longombaz, Redsan, Juacali


the theatre life is coined/shaped strongly by the school theatre. Each year provinces take place and on national level of competitions and festivals in the districts. The pieces, which move around the category of the folk theatre- and thematically e.g. frequently AIDS or early Schwangrschaft takes up - frequently in the television are shown.

There are classical theatre play places few, so the national theatre of Nairobi, the Kenya national to theatre, which has however no firm ensemble, but nationaland international troops and Show Events area offers.

More well-known groups of theatres are Heartstrings ensemble, Mbalamwezi Players, Tufani, Hearts Ablaze and wind OF CHANGE. Well-known actors are Winnifred Gitao, Antony Kinuthia and Benta Stephanie Ochieng. Mumbi Kaugwais besides piece writer and rain eating urine.

The Phoenix Players Theatre company has the only firm troop with own play place, usually laymen with an amazing quality. The theatre area without stage and curtain is the cellar of the ugly Professional Centre in thatCity center of Nairobi. But this theatre lives quirlig and innovatively! The troop is under its founder James Falkland 1984 from the colonial and of the family grumbles to claimant Donovan grumbles to theatre come out, which was no longer lebensfähig in modern Kenya.The Phoenix Players dedicated itself with a special program anti- HIV to the topic. They live on their members and donors, however nevertheless constantly fight for their existence.

Otherwise the cultural centers of large nations in Nairobi , in those offer groups of theatres and hallsperiodically theatre is played, so in the French Cultural Centre, the Aliance Francaise, or in the Goethe Institute. Here also e.g. comes. Control rooms on Godot for performance.

Due to these conditions has themselves a small, but lively theatre scene develops. Authors how Cajetan Boy or Jimmy Makotsi write modern authentic pieces in English or Kisuaheli.


the film life is controlled in the large places by the US-American Mainstream and by Bollywood (due to the strong Indian minority in the country).

Togethere.g. organizes the Alliance Francaise and the Goethe Institute in Nairobi. Child film festival.

Kenya is a country, in which relatively many international films are turned. It developed in addition a small film industry.

For the television, the Kenya Broadcasting corporation (KBC) also films in the country are produced, so e.g. „Reflections “or „Naliaka “of Brutus Serucho.

one offers to galleries

and arts and crafts screen end art in some galleries, so: Gallery OF Contemporary East African kind in national the museum, Mzizi kind Centre, Gallery wading atue or the Rahimtullah Centre.

High-quality African arts and crafts receive the visitor in the African Heritage (in the Mombasa Road), on the Maasai Market (in many situation the Market), in the Ndungu Shop (in the Woodvale Grove), in crank the Web(in the Viking House) and in the Banana box (in the Sarit Centre).

animals and plants

of animals and plants in Nairobi presented in: Trees in the Nairobi Arboretum, butterflies in the Karen Butterfly Centre, bunch in eastsmell park, Giraffes in the long' ata giraffe Centre and elephant baby in the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. There are queue parks frequently, often attached to other objects of interest such as museums, in addition, to hotels.

Prähistori places

Prähistori places, which can be visited,e.g. are. the Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site or Kariandusi with Gilgil. Many excavation places of the Paläoanthropologen as for instance the Orrorin tugenensis, can however not be visited. The anthropologische research of Kenya is inseparably connected with the name of the family Leakey.


in Kenya is a multiplicity at different landscapes, which are characteristic all of the African continent. , Savannahs with large game animals, snow-covered summits, desert and a small jungle (rain forest) widens beautiful coastal regions and a long corral reef. All of thisis essentially for the tourism opened, both which the mass tourism - usually at the coast - in addition, the individual tourism - rather in the interior, e.g. during mounting the Mount Kenya - concerns. Basic element of the tourism are besidethe white beaches at the coast large national park (see above).

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