Kenneth rigidly

Kenneth vienna clay/tone rigid (* 21. July 1946 in Vernon, Texas) is an American lawyer and a former judge, who into the office of the independent investigator became to appoint, in order the Whitewater - transactions of president Bill Clinton to examine. Later it submitted an investigation report , which so-called rigid report to congress of US, which led to the Impeachmentverfahren against president Clinton because of reproaches, which on the Monica Lewinsky - were based to scandal.


Kenneth rigid was born as a son of the Minister of the Church OF Christian and temporary hairdresser. It registered first to the Harding University, changed however later to the George Washington University, where it put its conclusion down as Bachelor 1968. Later it wrote to the Brown University , put themselves 1969 down there its conclusion than masters and visited the Duke university, where it attained a doctorate to 1973 to the doctor of the jurisprudence. From 1973 to 1974 he became employee 5. Federal district judge David W. Dyer, that from 1975 to 1977 an occupation followed with the chairman Federal High Court Judge Warren citizen. it occurred 1977 of Los Angeles the law office Gibson, thin & Crutcher, for whose Washington offices it became active. 1981 it was appointed as the advisor of the US prosecutor general William French Smith.

Before its appointment to the independent investigator was rigid from 1983 to 1989 Federal High Court Judges at the Distriktsappelationsgericht and represented from 1989 to 1993 the US Federal Government before the highest Federal court. As a judge rigid from both political parties was respected and as moderately conservative with an attentive view for the Pressefreiheit was regarded. Before its appointment as independent investigators it was acted frequently as a potential candidate to the highest Federal court.

term of office as independent investigators

1994 was appointed rigid of a dreiköpfigen judge committee to continue around the Whitewater investigation and Robert B. To replace Fiske, which became to appoint particularly before the entry into force of the law over independent investigator as the prosecutor general. Its powers went very far and it received the right to cite almost any one from which it assumed, it can relevant information to different scandals supply, whose clearing-up it was assigned. At first Clinton and its wife of the tax evasion and suspected.

Although its legal Reputation Starrs brought in at the beginning of popularity with the investigation, in particular with its aggressive momentum in the fight of the political corruption in Arkansas - which attained its summit in the successful pursuit of the fraud of the governor von Arkansas Jim Guy Tucker condemned then and of Clintons Immobilieninvestmakler James and Susan McDougal - its office guidance became controversial, when its powers since the investigation of the Monica Lewinskys Sexskandals was expanded.

Trailers of the democrats demonstrated against rigid as a political zealot with his mission to hunt Clinton from the office for president. They accused to advance investigations of traces at the periphery of the Whitewaterkomplexes like the controversy over the associated FBI - documents and the suicide of Vince Foster to him to only damage in order Clinton. The FBI went so far, love letters, which Monica Lewinsky on their PC writes, however never sent, but had deleted to fetch back again.

Susan McDougal accused in the Doku transmission “The Hunting OF the President “to its team it to a lie under oath to have extorted to only support in order the accusations against Clinton. That magazine “Brill' s content “today any longer not existing accused Starrs office, a testimony before the Grand jury in injury of the federal code of criminal procedure ooze had let. On Veranlassung of Clintons defenders the US-Distriktrichterin Norma Holloway Johnson arranged an investigation in July 1998, in what respect Starrs office information of the Grand jury had let ooze to the press.

Starrs office countered, which was the inkriminierte information not exclusively for it available, but likewise Clintons of lawyers over it ordered, who supervised the Grand jury with their business with the lawyers of the witnesses and from strategic considerations the information would have let whom ooze, in order to neutralize and disgrace around rigid the damage. In addition rigid stated that much of indications harmful for the president, including which results of its blood test Clintons lawyers was unknown and did not ooze. The federal court of appeal in Washington decided the fact that Richterin Johnson would have met a Präzidenzentscheidung to injustice and turned around the judicial decision, which permitted Clintons lawyers the investigation of the accused of „gossips “. After an investigation, which was accomplished by one particularly by the Court of Justice appointed Sonderermittler, it was decided that there was no proof for the reproach that Starrs office information of the Grand jury had let ooze. The public confidence was destroyed nevertheless in Starrs office guidance.

Charles Bakaly, official speaker of Starrs office, stepped at the 11. March 1999 due to accusations „of the gossips “back, became however to 6. October 2000 acquitted of it. Starrs investigation led to the political Impeachmentverfahren against president Clinton, why rigid was gekürt 1998 to the man of the yearly of Time magazines. President Clinton was acquitted by both Impeachmentvorwürfen by the US senate and could continue its term of office up to at the end of January 2001.

Rigidly its regret expressed to lead the inquiry of the Ministry of Justice the Lewinsky investigation in which it „the by far most important thing, which could have been made differently “saw to look for somebody else for this investigation.

after the term of office as independent investigators

after five years as independent investigators withdrew rigid and returned to its work as an attorney for appointment procedures. Rigidly in the meantime partner of the law office is Kirkland and Ellis. It is one of the prominent lawyers with mass complaints, which by a coalition of liberals and conservative groups (including the combination for American citizen liberties ACLU and the weapon lobby NRA) against the regulations of the Wahlkampffinazierung in the Bipartisan Campaign reform act of 2002, which admits McCain Feingold law under the designation became. In this case rigid represented the right opinion that the law was an unconstitutional Verkürzung of the right to free speech.

To 6. April 2004 it was appointed as the Dekan of the legal faculty of the Pepperdine University. The office had been originally already offered to it 1996, but it withdrew itself from this appointment after the Lewinsky controversy 1998, when this required its full concentration. Critics brought that there was a clash of interest because of the important support of the Pepperdine university by the Millardär smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Mellon Scaife, a Clinton critic forward, who promoted many media, which attacked the president. As 2004, some years after the Impeachment against Clinton the office of the Dekans, accepted he was again offered to rigid the offer.

2005 engaged itself rigid, in order to tilt the death sentence against Robin Lovitt, which one-ate 1998 in Virginias death cell due to a condemnation because of a committed murder with robbery. Rigidly Lovitt represented as a lawyer per bono. At the 3. October 2005 answered the highest Federal court in the negative the absolute free of doubtsness. Lovitt was begnadigt and its judgement became by governor Mark Warner to 29. November 2005 converted into life imprisonment without premature dismissal.

Rigidly speaks frequently about his time during the Whitewateruntersuchungen as „the unpleasant years “.


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