Ketsch (ship)

a Ketsch (also: Ketch) is a sailing boat with two masts, a front main mast and a smaller, achterlichen mizzenmast. The Ketsch has its mizzenmast contrary to the Yawl within (construction) - the Wasserlinie. A two-masted sailing boat with a smaller (max. ) front mast equal in sizeone calls Schoner contrary to Ketsch and Yawl.

The Ketsch was developed around the center of the 17.Jahrhundert for the fishery and coastal shipping in England. It had a load-carrying capacity of up to 50 tons.

The Ketsch is a popular Langstreckensegler, there the additionalBesansegel the boat more peace gives. Besides the Ketsch can be driven also well only under Besan and Fock.

A general advantage of the partitioned sail plan is in the fact that the individual sails are smaller (than for instance on a Slup) and itself therefore more easily and/or. offewer crew members to set and save leave.


the Ketsch leads at both masts excluding Schratsegel. Usually are this gaffel or Bermudasegel (particularly on yachts), rare Spriet or Luggersegel.

Among the historical ketschgetakelten ships e.g. rank. Kuff, Logger, Smack, Galiot or Galeasse.

Ketch” lead history some ketschgetakelte English Frachtensegler as type name. Particularly the west Country Trading Ketch (over 25m long, trunk similarly that of the Schoners) was at the southwest coast of England and in Wales common. More near relatedthe Cowes Ketch ( around 13m length, perpendicular Steven ) is, which was used as cargo ship between the mainland and the Isle OF Wight.


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