Kevin Tarte

Kevin Tarte (* 15. March 1957 in Seattle) is an American singer (lyric tenor, Bariton), who works since 1988 in Germany and Austria.

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Kevin Tarte buildup as the secondaryyoungest of five brothers and sisters in Seattle, Washington. Already as 16-Jähriger he transferred roles during his Highschool - time the first musical -, as for instance Tom Trainor to „NO NO Nanette “ or Tulsa to Gypsy.

Tarte studied to the jesuitischen Seattle University theatre history, stage Design and Geisteswissenschaften and five years long classical singing to the Eastman School OF music in smelling esters in the US Federal State New York. In order to finance its artistic training, he worked three years long in the winter in the bookkeeping of a source of oil in Alaska and in the summer sang he in the ensemble of the Seattle Opera. In addition it studied the west in Santa Barbara , California, with the director of the opera department, the Wagner at the shore LINE Community college, Washington, and at the music Academy OF - Bariton Martial sing ago (* 14. August 1904 in Oloron Sainte Marie; † 9. May 1990 in Santa Barbara). 1988 it existed its Bachelorprüfung in music to the Eastman School. Its singing teachers were among other things the bassist Thomas Paul (* 22. February 1934 in Chicago), the Mezzo Sopranistinnen January DeGaetani (* 10. July 1933; † 15. September 1989) and Kristina Gloge, the Sopranistin Judith Beckman (* 10. May 1935 in Jamestown, North Dakota), the Baritonist Håkan Hagegård (* 25. November 1945 in Karlstad) and Joan Dorneman of the metropolitan Opera.

1988 were engaged Tarte with the Heidelberger lock festivals for the title part prince Karl Franz in the Operette „The student Princeby victory mouth Rome mountain. For the 25-year old anniversary of the festivals in the summer 1999 he transferred this role again in a guest commitment and again in the season 2000. it received musical to 1989/1990 with the Webber - Cats in the Hamburg Operettenhaus the roles of the old Deuteronomy and the Growl tiger. To 28. It played September 1995 in the Raimundtheater, Vienna, with the premiere the stages Vienna united by Alan Menkens „the beautiful and the beast “the gas clay/tone and afterwards in the same musical until 1997 at. The Stella - production drew at the end of 1997 - with Kevin Tarte - in the palladium theatre of the Stuttgart SI-Centrums over. First it changed in the Erstbesetzung the main role with Uwe Kröger starting from and from March to December 1999 took over itself it alone the Erstbesetzung. By March 2000 until August 2003 it embodied count von Krolock in Jim Steinmans dance of the Vampire at the Apollotheater Stuttgart. By November 2003 until December 2004 it played the main role of the Julian march, a musical producer at the same theatre in the year 1933 with financial difficulties, in the musical „42nd Street “ from Harry Warren (1893-1981), to 25. August 1980 in the winter guards Theatre at Broadway uraufgeführt was. By August 2005 up to 22. January 2006 was to be seen Kevin Tarte again as a Vampir count von Krolock in that Hamburg new Flora in „the Grusicalafter novel pole to gravel to cult film of the same name from 1967 to.


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  • „with Kevin Tarte as a prince could be won for the lock festivals of Germany first musical star, that plays at present the main role in “Vampire” in Stuttgart musical houses. “ (The lock festivals begin, city sheet, office indicator of the city Heidelberg, No. 31, 2. To August 2000)
  • „for the equipment of the singing Dracula kinship among other things for each actor a Schminktäschchen with 5 different coloured pencils, one large propellant pallet and 10 brushes belongs - alone Tarte sits as ‚a count von Krolock `allabendlich 90 minutes before the Schminkspiegel. “ (Stuttgart says to Blutsaugern „Ade “, Stuttgart newspaper/German Press Agency, 29. August 2003)
  • „Kevin Tarte as propelling theatre boss and Isabel Dörfler as crosswise driving Bühnendiva Dorothy, those by an injury the way makes free for Peggy, provides with Zicken and Macken in kämpferischen dialogues for high points. “ (Andrea Kachelriess: 42nd Street: Where long legs quilt over sparkling coins, Stuttgart message, 25.11.2003)

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