Kfz characteristic

Kfz characteristic is the individual registration number, which both in the permission registers, assigned by the traffic authority, into which vehicle documents and on the Kennzeichenschildern appears. Kennzeichenschilder must i. D. R. firmly connected with the vehicle its. The Kennzeichenschilder must at the tailand at the front of a motor vehicle to be attached (in some US - Federal States is only the tail characteristic regulation). Called in Switzerland it controldescribe, within some ranges of Germany also number-describe, in Austria ugs. Number board.

The characteristics can differentlyimplemented its: Standard characteristic, characteristic for historical KFZ, characteristic for rehearsing and Überführungsfahrten, characteristics for tax-exempt KFZ, short time characteristic, export characteristic, authority characteristic and camouflage characteristics (police and offices for protection of the constitution).

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international national characteristics

additional to the actual Kfz characteristic putting international agreements the use of the nationality character firmly,an abbreviation of the respective state designations represents and beside the actual characteristic is attached (list of the Kfz Nationalitätszeichen).

The oblong-oval Zusatzschild - black writing on white reason with edge - is legal a component of the characteristic. In manyStates is however uncommon this auxiliary plaque, since most motor vehicles exceed hardly one international border each. In the European union and some Eastern European states the international national characteristic is with new describing including European Union emblem or the national flag at the lefthand side inthe number sign integrates. Nevertheless this Zusatzschild must be attached also here with journeys into a non--European Union country. Exceptions are EFTA - countries Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Croatia and Norway, which likewise accept the land identification by the European Union characteristic.

structurethe Kfz characteristics in individual States of

German-language countries

remaining Europe




Australia and Ozeanien

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judge further countries in the following countries from the Kfz characteristics the origin of the vehicle. In these countries the number letter combinations will country-wide sequentially assign:

(*) during one with the Portuguese motor vehicles the origin by the number sign not to recognize can do, is this with the trailers different: The trailers become into thatPermission districts sequentially durchnummeriert. A few contractions: C = Coimbra, L = Lisboa (Lisbon), M = larva Irish Republican Army, P = postage

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