Kfz characteristic (Slowakei)

Kfz-Kennzeichen aus der Slowakei, hier KE = Košice
Kfz characteristic from the Slowakei, here KE = Košice

the Kfz characteristics of the Slowakei (slowakisch: evidenčné číslo) consist of two identification letters for the district, a line and a following alphanumeric combination of six indications.

At the lefthand side the characteristic points a blue volumewith the land identification sports club and the European stars up. Before the entry to the European union at the 1. The slowakische state coat of arms and the letters sports club on white reason were to be seen to May 2004 there.

In former times a further letter followed, then twice two through after the district characteristica line separate numbers.

Districts (slowakisch okresy):


see also: List of the cities in the Slowakei, administrative arrangement of the Slowakei


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