Kid Ory

Edward “Kid” Ory (* 1886 in LaPlace, Louis IANA; † 23. January 1973 buried at Hawaii, in new Orleans) is an US-American musician.

After its entrance into the music as banjo players and attempts on the cornetbecame it style-forming Posaunist of the new Orleans jazz. It had first professional appearances already with scarcely ten years. It often played the typical “Tailgate Trombone”, with that the Zugposaune the melody lines of the trumpet with short cliches, those with Glissandi decorated, are rhythmically contrasted and accompanied.

From 1912 to 1919 it led the most popular volume in completely new Orleans. Many musicians of the “Hot jazz” played King of olive, the young Louis Armstrong , that in this time with Ory, under itMore olive, Johnny Dodds, Sidney Bechet and Jimmie Noone replaced. 1919 pulled Ory on recommending its physician into warmer California. Together with other new one Orleans musicians it played Kid Ory's Creole Orchestra then under the name „“at thatWest coast.1922 were it the first black volume, which took up a record (however under the alias „Spike's Seven Pods OF Pepper Orchestra “), among other things with “the Songs” “Ory's Creole Trombone” and “the Society Blues”.

1925 continued to pull Ory to Chicagoand there regularly olive, Louis ArmstrongsHot Fiveand” Hot Seven “, Jelly roll Morton played and unites other volume from the environment with King. During the depression Ory withdrew itself to a large extent from the music sceneand a chicken farm operated with its brother. In the course of the Dixieland - Revival of the 1940er it revived its „Creole Orchestra “ 1943 and was active as a live musician and with disk photographs up to its endgüligen retreat from the music in the year 1966.

important compositions

Muskrat Ramble
Ory's Creole Trombone


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