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city Kiew
capital: -
Inhabitants: 2.687.610
population density: 3,360 Ew. /km ²
in cities: 100.0%
surface: 800 km ²
Rajons: -
Cities: -
Urban districts: 10
settlements of urban type: -
Localities: -
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Kiew (Ukrainian Київ/Kyjiw; Russian Киев/Kijew -) the capital and largest city of the Ukraine , as well as capital are that Oblast Kiew. It is because of to Dnepr passable this way for smaller sea-going vessels (Ukrainian: Дніпро, German Dnepr) and has 2.687.610 inhabitants (December 2005), as dye 3.015.108 (conditions 1. January 2005). The university was created 1834. In addition it gives99 universities, 25 museums, a Planetarium, theatre, botanische and zoo-logical gardens. Due to its many churches and monasteries and its meaning for the orthodox Christianity Kiew is called since the Middle Ages Jerusalem of the north (today hearsone frequent Jerusalem of the east). Furthermore Kiew is called due to its historical role nut/mother of all Russian cities.

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population and language


after the official census in the Ukraine livedin the year 2001 in Kiew about 82% humans Ukrainian and 13% humans of Russian nationality. Besides there are still small minorities of other nationalities (Jew, white Russian, Poland, Armenian and others). From the Ukrainern in Kiew those regard in accordance with the census about 15%Russian language as their native language. Among the inhabitants of Russian nationality about 8% Ukrainian regard as their native language. In the everyday life perception altogether in Kiew very much Russian is spoken nevertheless.


Kiew is seat of an Ukrainian-orthodox Patriarchen and an Russian-orthodox Metropoliten. The Sophienkathedrale is the oldest ostslawische cathedral. The large archbishop of the church Greek-catholic with the Roman-catholic Pope in Rome university ores is about at present to shift its seat of Lemberg here.

see also list of the Metropolitenby Kiew


Platz der Unabhängigkeit
place of independence

sound Nestorchronik was created Kiew of three brothers named Kyj , Schtschek and Choriw and designated after the oldest brother („Kiew “= “city of Kyj”, old-Russian and Ukrainian: Kyjiw). This is at the latest at the beginning 6. Century happened its, since the name of the slawischen prince Kyj was mentioned in this time in Byzantine chronicles. Some medieval sources attribute the establishment Kiews to the years 430-460. There are also speculations, thoseKiew already with the large gothical city Danapirstadir ( = city at the Dnepr “), mentioned by Jordanes, identify.

880 the slawische city Kiew fürstliche residence of the Rus and Känugard was called. 988 Kiew of the large prince gone over to the Christianity became Vladimir I. developed and as center of the Kiewer Rus fastened (see history of the Ukraine, history of Russia). In the 11. and 12. Century was Kiew with approximately 50,000 inhabitants after Konstantinopel the largest city of Europe.

To 6. December 1240Kiew of Mongols under Batu Khan (golden horde/hurdle) was destroyed, nearly all inhabitants was killed and close too all buildings down-burned. It reported that of the large and densely populated city of only 200 houses to have confessed to be supposed. 1569became it a Polish litauischen province capital (see history of Lithuania, Geschichte Poland). 1667 fell the city, like also the whole linksufrige Ukraine, after the peace of Andrussow at Russia and became capital of a Russian Gouvernements. Starting from 1920 Kiew was Soviet. 1934 became the city in place of Charkow capital of the Ukraine belonging to the Soviet Union.

During the German crew in the Second World War, of 19. September 1941 up to 6. November 1943, became by the Germans120.000 to 160,000 Soviet prisoners of war and civilians in Kiew murders. Among other things more than 33,000 Jews fell in Babi Jar with Kiew a massacre to the victim. Large parts of the city were destroyed during the war.

the ceremonies found 1982 of the1500-jährigen of existence of Kiew instead of. The city was heavily met 1986 by the Tschernobyl - accident.

Since 1991 Kiew is capital of the independent Ukraine. 2004 became Kiew off the scene of the mass protests against the falsifications with the president elections in the Ukraine,21. November to 5. Decembers persisted („Orangene revolution “).


mayor of the Ukrainian capital since the elections of 26. March 2006 is the Expert of financial politics and private banker Leonid Tschernowitzki. His competitor Vladimir Klitschko could not succeed.

culture and objects of interest

monastic church pc. Michael
streetscape in Kiew
nut/mother homeland Monument
pc. Andreas church
the house with the Chimären

of buildings

  • TV tower in steel framework construction way, probably highest steel framework construction of the world
  • a far away visible memorial place, which is to remind of the Second World War, is in the year 1981 the built monumental statue named nut/mother homeland (Rodina Mat). It has the stately height of 68 m and stands on 40 m a high landing.


of the most well-known Sportverein of the city and the Ukraine is the fiber plastic direct current generator Kiew. The national stadium that Ukraine is in Kiew, the NSK Olympysky.

economics and infrastructure

Ministries and administration, steel industry, mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, chemical industry


Kiew point of attraction for the tourism, economical center and beside Lemberg and Odessa is more culturalCenter of the country. Kiew is one of the most important traffic junctions of Eastern Europe as intersection of the traffic routes Istanbul/Athens - Sofia - Kiew Minsk/Moscow and Western Europe - Caucasus. In addition Kiew has a port at the Dnepr.


Numerous international railway connections lead after Kiew, among other things made of Russia, Poland and Germany (Berlin).


in Kiew gives it to two airports, Kiew Žuliany and Kiew Boryspil. The larger one of both is appropriate for 15 outside of the city boundary in the place Boryspil aboutkm east the city boundary. Kiew Žuliany lies in the city, offers however clearly fewer airline connections.

the undergrounds (S. serve city traffic traffic in the city. Underground Kiew), trolley buses, penalty, streetcars (S. Streetcar Kiew) and minibus collecting taxes (Marschrutne Taksi).In addition is an endless rope haulage system (Funikuljor) in enterprise.


gives altogether 99 universities. The largest and/or. most important are:

of sons and daughters of the city


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