Kim Clijsters

Kim Clijsters Tondokument ? / License (* 8. June 1983 in Bilzen, Belgium) is a Belgian Tennisspielerin, former number 1, fivefold Finalistin of the Grand Slam of tournaments and winner of US open 2005.

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warrant of apprehension

  • impact hand: right, doublehandle back hand
  • coach: Mark of Dehous


1998 reached it as a female junior the Wimbledon - final, won the French open in the double at the side of Jelena Dokic and US open with EH Dyrberg.

Debütierte in the professional tennis in May 1999 in Antwerp. Already end of the yearly won it the first titles in the single in Luxembourg and in the double in Bratislava with Laurence Courtois. 2001 reached it its first Grand Slam - final with French open in Paris, where she was subject to Jennifer Capriati with 10:12 in the third sentence. She celebrated first large success 2002 with WTA route Championships in Los Angeles, where her in the final, which defeated number at that time 1 , Serena Williams.

2003 were one of the most successful years for Clijsters, when she won nine tournaments (under it again the WTA route Championships), two Grand Slam - final reached, which lost it both against Justine Henin Hardenne, stated some weeks the world rank list and as second behind her land woman Justine Henin Hardenne terminated the season.

The year 2004 began for Clijsters with a Knöchelverletzung, which out-cured it however in time to Australian open around again the final to reach in that it against Justine Henin Hardenne lost again. Because of a chord inflammation in the left wrist at March 2004 and whereupon following the operational removal of a Ziste Clijsters missed 10 months on the route and fell at place 134 in the world rank list.

2005 became unexpected an absolute highlight. After the comeback in February 2005 in Antwerp it already won the successive animal 1-Turniere in Indian Wells and Miami in March. Only Steffi Graf succeeded to win it up to then these two tournaments in one year. Within a half yearly it won further three tournaments, came back into the Top Ten and kept more player for it in San Diego the honor “comeback” the yearly. In the 16 played tournaments it reached nine final, which it all won. No Spielerin could win more titles in the single in this year. For the first time in their career it succeeded to win it a Grand Slam tournament. It help the Belgian Fed Cup team to a victory over Argentina, by winning two singles matches and a doubles match ( m Els Callens). For the second time in their career it terminated the season as No. 2, exactly as in the up to then most successful year for it, (2003), whereby it played this time six tournaments less.

Kim Clijsters of largest titles was the victory in the single competition with US open 2005, in which she could become generally accepted against the Französin Mary Pierce in two sentences.

Clijsters was distinguished with several prices, among other things as Spielerin of the monthly in November 2002 and May, August and October/November 2003. It received also doubly (2000, 2003) the “Sportmanship Award”, fivefold to “Sportlerin of the yearly” in Belgium and from the international tennis Federation to the IETF World champion 2005 was appointed.

2006 began show for Clijsters with a victory in a tournament in Hong Kong. All thing with the official WTA tournaments had it fewer luck. During the tournament in Sydney it hurt itself in the Trenning the hip and had to call their participation off before the quarter final. With the Australian open it began with hurting hip and fastened back and came even into the semi-final, in which it vertratt itself however in the third set against Amelie Mauresmo the Knöchel. Because of the injury at the Knöchel the Clijsters is first times forced to a two-month break.



  • to 10. August 2003 became it the number 1 of the lady world rank list, to 18. August reached it as a fifth woman in tennis history number 1 in detail and double.
  • As a first woman it exceeded earnings/services of 4 mln.$ in one year.
  • It was to be become also the first Spielerin, to which it succeeded, without a Grand Slam title the number 1 of the world rank list.
  • In all played tournaments it reached semi-finals at least (excluded defeat in the second round in Toronto). The same succeeded up to then only to Monica Seles.


  • with their success in Indian Wells became it at the lowest platzierter Spielerin the history (climb 134), which could win an animal I tournament.
  • As a first woman after Steffi Graf it succeeded to win it the two drauffolgenden animal I of tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami.
  • It won the tournament series at the American hard places before Flushing Meadows (US-open-Series) and afterwards US open, which increased its prize money by 100%. Thus it took 2.2 Mln US-$, which also highest prize money was in the history of the lady sport.
  • It won nine titles in this year, with which it reached place 1 in the yearly valuation and place 2 in the world rank list. More tournaments in one year up to then only Martina Hingis ( 1997 -12) won, Monica Seles (1991, 1992 -10 and Steffi Graf (1990, 1993 -10).


  • with their victory over Martina Hingis in the quarter final of the Australian open returned Clijsters to the point of the world rank list. It is the first Tennisspielerin that it succeeded within a yearly from the place 134 at place 1 to improve.


in August 2005 communicated Clijsters that it thinks about the resignation. “I believe, I after the season 2007 will stop. My body prepares each quantity of problems for me ". “I am only 22, but my body feels much older on”. Clijsters suffered during its seven-year-old professional career under several injuries. Already after their wrist operation 2004 many physicians gave to little hope that she will ever again play. Since then Clijsters divides its career into two sections. Before the dangerous injury and thereafter. “Everything that I may now experience, is only a bonus”.

tournament victories

Putting one (Singles)
Grand Slam (1)
WTA Championships (2)
animal I Event (5)
WTA route (22)

Singles (30)

  • 2005: Gaz de France of star, hate ELT, BEL
  • 2005: Fortis Championships Luxembourg
  • 2005: US open, New York, the USA
  • 2005: Rogers Cup, Toronto, CAN
  • 2005: JPMorgan Chase open, Los Angeles, APPROX., the USA
  • 2005: Bank fo the west Clasic, Stanford, APPROX., the USA
  • 2005: Hastings Internalional Direct Championships, Eastbourne, GBR
  • 2005: Nasdaq-100 open, Miami, flat steel bar, the USA
  • 2005: Pacific would run open, Indian Wells, APPROX., the USA
  • 2004: Open Gaz de France, Paris, FRA
  • 2004: Proximus dia. moon Games, Antwerp, BEL
  • 2003: Adidas international, Sydney, FROM
  • 2003: Pacific would run open, Indian Wells, APPROX., the USA
  • 2003: Telecom Italia of Masters, Rome, ITA
  • 2003: Ordina open, s'Hertogenbosch, NED
  • 2003: Bank OF the west Clasic, Stanford, APPROX., the USA
  • 2003: JPMorgan Chase open, Los Angeles, APPROX., the USA
  • 2003: Porsche tennis Grand Prix, falling the city, GER
  • 2003: SEAT open, Luxembourg, LUX
  • 2003: WTA route Championships, Los Angeles, APPROX., the USA
  • 2002: Betty Barclay Cup, Hamburg, GER
  • 2002: Porsche tennis Grand Prix, falling the city, GER
  • 2002: SEAT open, Luxembourg, LUX
  • 2002: WTA route Championships, Los Angeles, APPROX., the USA
  • 2001: Bank OF the west Clasic, Stanford, APPROX., the USA
  • 2001: Savings banks Cup, Leipzig, GER
  • 2001: SEAT open, Luxembourg, LUX
  • 2001: FED CUP with Belgian team
  • 2000: Tasmanian international, kind of main header, FROM
  • 2000: Savings banks Cup, Leipzig, GER
  • 1999: SEAT open, Luxembourg, LUX

double (11)

achievements - overview

1999 career Australian open HF - F HF HF 4r
1r - 0 Roland Garros 4r - F 3r F 1r
- 0 Wimbledon 4r - HF 2r VF 2r 4r
0 US open S - F 4r VF 2r
3r 1 WTA route Championships RR - S S HF
VF - of 2 played tournaments 3 15 6 21 21 22
17 8 111 final one 1 of 9 3 15 6 6 3
2 45 won titles 9 2 9 4 3 2 1
30 hard place victory defeat 6-1 49-4 17-2 62-8 33-11 28-11 17-9
6-2 217-47 sand victory defeat 8-3 ,3-0 17-2 10-3 15-5 1-2 ,2-2
56-17 grass victory defeat 8-1 ,0-0 ,9-1 ,2-2 reached tournaments 2006
2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 7-2 ,2-2 ,3-1 26-9
carpet victory defeat 3-1 ,2-1 ,0-0 ,2-1 ,6-1 ,8-0 10-4 8-2 37-9
entirely victory defeat 9-2 67-9 20-2 90-12 51-17 58-18 30-17 19-7 359-90
yearly final placement 2 22 2 4 5 18 47 N/A

private life

father of Kim Clijsters, Leo Clijsters, is former Belgian national football player. Nut/mother, Els Vandecaetsbeek, was Belgian Meisterin in rhythmic gymnastic. 2003 got engaged Clijsters with her friend of many years, Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt, the two separated in October 2004 briefly before the planned wedding. It is momentary with the American basketball player Brian lynches associated, which plays for the crew of its Belgian hometown Bree. Clijsters has a younger sister, Elke Clijsters, which was likewise Tennisspielerin and became than female junior 2002 even the Welmeisterin in the double, however because of back problems their career to give up had.

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