Child shoe

of child shoes are the clothing for the feet of children from first to approximately to the ninth Lebensjahr. They are manufactured like other shoes also usually from leather, in addition, from rubber, felt, textilem fabric and plastic. Development-physiologically a special meaning is attached to them, since the infants are to learn a running in them and the child foot is understood constantly in growing.

the first shoes of 1,1

baby shoes of 1,2 initial run shoes

2 bad positions [ work on] months shoes. Therefore is to be paid attention with this age only to buy not to small shoes since this can lead otherwise to foot deformations and drawn in Zehennägeln.

baby shoes

of baby shoes serve for the habituation of the child to shoes. They are carried starting from the sixth month and are less for running than intended for crawling. Register accuracy is less important therefore so that the shoes are usually largely bought too and then several months to be carried to be able. Baby shoes are from soft leather with Lederfutter, a light heel support and a very flexible thin rubber sole.

initial run shoes

as soon as the bone structure is ready to up-tighten the weight of the body will carry the child everywhere in order to stand straight. With an age of approximately one year the child will go. Starting from this age it is to be bought necessarily initial run shoes.

An initial run shoe is manufactured from soft leather, with Lederfutter, leather foot bed, heel support, internal point reinforcement and a flexible leather or rubber sole. The sole should not be however as soft as the baby shoes, so that the foot musculature can work correctly.

Contrary to the first shoes now suitable shoes should be bought, although these shoes cannot be carried longer than three to four months. With to large shoes the child cannot develop a feeling for the shoe and for the child exists the danger to fall. Such falls could have as a consequence that the children take unnormale body positions, which can produce Hüftprobleme due to to large fear.

bad positions

up to the third Lebensjahr it can be that children place one or both feet into an irregular position. The cause of these positions mostly is that the bones, chords and muscles grow not at the same time, but in small time intervals and thus only one growth phase stress. If these irregular positions do not disappear however in the third Lebensjahr, one should visit an orthopedist, since an innate bad position of the hip can be present.

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